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  1. Cibulka
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello everybody!

    I need to create a related posts section, that I'm in full control of.

    I have custom post type CAUSE. Each cause is structured, not much updated, heavily customfielded article and it has its news (improvements, interviews, etc.). I need to assign those news to a story some user-friendly way, so I can display custom wp_query with news of a story in a sidebar of a cause.

    My first idea was a little bit overcomplicated - it involved dynamically created custom fields and variables in wp_queries - so it obviously didn't really work. :) If there won't be any better way to do the job, I can explain the complicated way and see why it didn't work.

    Thank you very much! C.

  2. Cibulka
    Posted 4 years ago #

    As it usually is, I've found a sollution few hours after starting the thread.

    Check MICRO KID RELATED POSTS plugin: http://www.microkid.net/wordpress/related-posts/

    It is not the ultimate sollution (mainly due to the lack of customization), so I'm leaving the thread unresolved.

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