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  • Plugin Support KokkieH


    Hi there,

    I can understand how this doesn’t make sense to you, but looking at the related posts currently showing, I can see two of them share the “Color photography” tag with the new post, for example, which is likely why Related Posts picked those two.

    Put differently, based on the criteria this feature looks for, those posts might very well be related. You and I both know the “night” tag is more relevant here, but Jetpack has no way to discern this context. It just sees a list of categories and tags, and any post matching any category or tag is potentially related, with no tag being weighted more heavily than another.

    I realise this isn’t ideal, but until we reach the point where this featured is powered by artificial intelligence that can analyze the context of a post, maybe even with image recognition, unrelated related posts like this are going to happen.

    The one suggestion I would make is to try and keep your tags more specific – try to avoid tags like “color photography” which are likely to be added to easily the bulk of posts on your site (or at least half if you love black-and-white as much as color 🙂 ). If you use only the most specific tags, there’s a bigger chance that Related Posts would pick the tag you want as the one to match.

    Thread Starter Alexander S. Kunz


    Thank you for the explanation!

    Is there documentation available that specifies how the RP feature individually weighs title, content, categories, tags, to help better understand this behavior?

    I’d like to keep the classification into “color” and “black & white” for my archives – if I’d convert those to categories, would it help?


    Plugin Contributor James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator

    The weight starts at categories/tags, followed by keywords in the title, then keywords in the content.

    We have a variety of customizations available that might help you lock this down more:

    Thread Starter Alexander S. Kunz


    Thanks James for your explanation and the link to the customizations.

    So I guess it doesn’t make a difference whether I use categories or tags. 🙂


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