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  • It seems there is no plugin available that will allow for related posts to be displayed with thumbnail images. Is this true? This seems like a feature that many people want and would use.

    I simply want to have 4 or 5 related posts displayed as thumbnails rather than text links.

    Does anyone know of a plugin that does this or another way to achieve this?


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  • I’m the developer of Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. While I can’t say that my plugin can do this out-of-the-box, I do know a number of people have had some success using YARPP to display related thumbnails. Alternatively, the next version of YARPP will have a templating mechanism, letting you uber-customize the output of related posts. With a little coding, you should be able to do exactly what you like with this, once I release the next version (probably in a month or so).

    First of all, thanks a lot for your hard work.

    Is there way to get a custom field data from the related posts??

    For example: The output data this plugin gives is the post title and optionally the exerpt.

    Is there a way to replace the code that gives you the excerpt and write a code to give you a custom field???

    I use thumbnails for all my posts. The custom field for them is “Thumbnail”. What I would like to do is get that piece of code back with the related posts. So it can show the thumbnails or whatever I want. Just the same WP does with the latest posts, you can get the post title, content, excerpt, categories, and also the customs fields.

    I think this is a good add for this great plugin. It would expand the usability.

    Thanks a lot again.
    GOD bless…

    @krystian – as I mentioned above, this functionality is not available in the current version of YARPP, but will be available in the upcoming revision. Stay tuned. ^^

    Thanks for the great plugin (although I haven’t installed it). I’m just wondering, when will you release the new version of it? Or you can suggest me some tutorials / links about how to use thumbnails for related posts?


    @need_help – I’m planning to release a beta in just a few days which should work fine for most blogs. Stay tuned.

    @need_help – I just released a beta of the next version of YARPP which has that templating feature. You can download it here: There’s also a tutorial including how to use thumbnails from YAPB:

    i would like to see related posts to be displayed with thumbnail images.
    with using this tutorial( ) i get this mistake:
    what could the problem be?

    WordPress 2.7.1
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin 3.02
    Yet Another Photoblog 1.9.18

    Wp-Thumbie is the wordpress plugin to show thumbnail related posts along with thumbnail size and number posts customization.
    check out this link

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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