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    After installing Jetpack Boost, the related post row was showing twice.

    The jp-relatedposts-items div is being added twice.

    After deactivating Jetpack Boost, the problem disappeared.

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  • Hi @nbrplaza,

    Thank you for trying out Jetpack Boost and sorry to hear you are encountering some issues with it.

    I tried to replicate the problem on a test site using the Jetpack Related Post block and Jetpack Boost enabled (with the “Optimize CSS Loading”, “Defer Non-Essential Javascript” and “Lazy Image Loading” modules enabled) but I was unable to observe the same issue.

    Could you please let us know a little bit more about your setup such as the theme you are using, how you’ve set up Jetpack Related Posts, the modules enabled on Jetpack Boost and also the other plugins you have installed? This information will help us in trying to investigate the issue further.


    Hi @nbrplaza,

    Sorry for the previous message, I made the wrong assumption that you were using the Jetpack Related Post block to power the related post feature on your site. But it seems you might use a different plugin (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) to display related posts on your site?

    In any case, for us to investigate further we will need more information from you. As mentioned before, it would be useful to confirm which theme you are using, which plugin you have activated, how you have set up the related posts feature and which modules of Jetpack Boost were activated when you experienced the issue.

    Jetpack Boost Developer

    Hi @nbrplaza,

    Sorry I’ll have to contradict myself one more time from my previous message. It seems you are indeed using Jetpack Related Posts. I was getting confused because of the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin that you also seems to use.

    I also found from your site that you are using thE SG Window theme. So I set up a local environment with that theme, enabling Jetpack Related Posts modules and also activating and enabling multiple combinations of the Jetpack Boost plugin and could not replicate your problem. See my attempt in this video:

    So in order to try finding out the root of the problem I would still need more information from your side on your setup as mentioned before.

    Jetpack Boost Developer

    Thread Starter NBRplaza


    Thanks for trying so far.

    The problem must be with Jetpack Boost, because it goes away when I disable the plugin and it reappears when I enable it again.

    Yes, I do use the SG Windows theme.

    I have a number of plugins installed:
    – Advanced Random Posts Widget
    – Akismet Anti-Spam
    – bbPress
    – Bop Search Box Item Type For Nav Menus
    – Broken Link Checker
    – Easy Google AdSense
    – Embed Iframe
    – Gutenberg — RSS feed
    – Jetpack (duh)
    – Jetpack Boost (also duh)
    – MailPoet 3 (New)
    – Polylang (<— I suspected this to be the cause at first)
    – Quiz, Poll, Survey & Form by Opinion Stage (<— also known to be a trouble starter)
    – Redirection
    – Revive Old Posts
    – SG Window Pro
    – Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget
    – Smush
    – StarBox
    – WP ULike
    – WP User Avatars
    – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)
    – Yet Another Stars Rating
    – Yoast SEO

    I have set up Jetpack boost with all three switches enabled (optimize css loading, defer blabla, and lazy loading).

    Jetpack related post is on with both heading and miniature.

    Need any more info?


    Plugin Support Michelle Paese


    Hello @nbrplaza

    Could you save a full site backup (files and database) and change your theme, deactivate the plugins Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) and SG Window Pro, with the Jetpack Boost activated, and send us the results, please?

    Screenshots are welcomed. I recommend for easily sharing screenshots – please follow the instructions on the page, then paste the URL in this email. It works with Chrome, Firefox and IE.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    My best regards,

    Michelle C.

    Thread Starter NBRplaza


    I am not sure I understand what you’re asking. You want me to make a backup and send the backup files to you? How?
    And if you have a backup, why would I change themes etc?

    I have decided to fully deactivate and delete the plugin, because it also messes with my menus on mobile (when opening a menu, it closes automatically before the visitor can click).

    All in all too much trouble for very little added value.

    Thanks for your help though.

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    Oh, and on top of all this, I also noticed that Jetpack Boost disrupted the Jetpack stats. When activated it seems like I have twice the amount of pageviews.

    All in all reason enough to delete the plugin.

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