• OK, it is good to have this in your plugin but add there more settings – hide on mobile devices/align/more themes.

    1) only POST
    2) only pages
    3) post + pages
    4) or only selected category

    It is terrible when it shows deleted pages and pages with links…

    Thank you


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    @eldenroot Thanks so much for your feedback. I agree. We have been working on a massive rehaul for how Related Content is determined. Soon we will be moving to reading your sitemap (the one you create for Google, etc) file to determine what content exists to be Recommended. You will be also able to specify which URLs (patterns) to exclude from being Recommended too.

    Would love additional input on types of themes. Is there a particular look you’re going for? Let us know!

    Yes, I used nrelate content plugin before… just check their screenshots. Maybe it would be nice have more options to set this

    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    @eldenroot to confirm, which version of Shareaholic are you using right now?

    shareaholic v7.0.3.4 (latest)

    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    Could you shoot over a screenshot of the theme you’d like? We can prioritize building it. — support@shareaholic.com

    what about something like this? vertical posts


    but it is up to you… my priority is working related content with not 404errors and not working pages or pages with no text…

    Vertical theme is in the latest version… thank you… now improve related post and add disable for mobile devices and it will be perfect .)

    Is there a way to change the size of the inage in related posts? Mine are so large I can only get 3 on a libe. Also it is showing 6 images. I would like 4-5 on 1 line with smaller images. Like 150×150? Another problem I am having is even though I indicated posts only, it is showing tiltes of deleted posts. Therefore showing double or triple posts, and even pagescthat had been published then deleted. Is there a way I can set this without changing code? I don’t know how to change my theme or CSS. And I don’t want to touch something that is otherwise working. Right now I only have 5 posts and keep editing them as I try new plugins and widgets. Inuse an ipad, not desktop and this at times makes a difference when I view and sometimes in the way I can approach things. Thx

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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