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  • Hello,
    I’ve now completed yet another plugin. This time around it is a “Related links” plugin which works via meta-data. You add a custom fields all named related that each one defines their own related link/post. I did basic integration of the Related links plugin to my TOC-plugin (note: The TOC-plugin does not require the related links).
    But well I’m running out of ideas for plugins, any bright interesting ideas for me to implement?
    Andreas Holstenson

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  • Lorelle


    I’ve been trying for several weeks to get your TOC plug-in to work. The related works GREAT but I can’t get TOC to work. I followed the directions exactly (activate and sit back and watch, and nothing happens). Maybe I can try to force it manually, but I’m not too clear on the step by step procedure. Could you explain it again a little more specifically for the PHP-challenged like me?
    Thanks. Oh, and I love your new blog look. Well done!


    Can you share a link to pages that contain these plugins in action?

    Hello – is there anywhere to download this plugin? I’m extremely interested but on 6/14/05 the download link seems to be down.

    This plugin was not maintained by the author and doesn’t work in newer versions, unfortunately. Sad, it had great potential.

    Thank you for the fast response. Do you know of anything similar?

    I’m hoping to automate attaching links to posts. Like if I post in a category, it pulls up certain links, but also with the option to add other related links. If not, I’ll start hacking.

    Something like CG-Samecat can give you a random list of other posts in the same category as the current one… that sort of what you are looking for? Otherwise, search for ‘related’ here or on the codex, as there’s a bunch of related-post plugins.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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