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    I installed Shareaholic Version and love the simplicity of this version. My only problem is that I can’t seem to get the Related Content/Recommendations to show up on my site and it continues to show the Data Status as “Processing”. I am frustrated because this seems to be the perfect plugin for my needs, but it just isn’t completely working. Can anyone please help me with this? Is there a way to reindex my site from Shareaholic’s end?

    I have the share buttons and related content set to appear in posts only here on my blog:

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  • And now I can’t get the share buttons to open! What is going on? Someone please help me. I’m tired of this. 🙁 Thanks.

    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    Hi Gail65, I just reset the crawl index for Related Content/Recommendations should now work for you as expected! They will become better as the algorithms get more data inputs over time to base recommendations from.

    Please make sure you delete your browser cache for good measure to ensure you’ve got all the latest code.

    Let me know how it goes!

    I have the same issue, but don’t really understand why a crawl index need to be reset (not sure what that is). Surely this related articles thingy is operating only on my site?

    And also: having logged for a couple of years, shouldn’t the plugin just analyze the previous articles? rebuilding recommendations based on new material isn’t the best way… (under construction)


    I’m sorry, @aldabergr. I am unable to locate our plugin script on either of your sites in order to take a closer look at the Related Content data and perform a reset.

    As for how the app works, it ties in with your site’s Analytics when generating recommendations. The caching speeds up the loading of the application on your site and allows us to improve what content is recommended while we collect interaction data.

    I am having this exact same issue on my site. Any help would be great. We love the plugin, I just need this to work to keep it on my site as we have noticed our views aren’t the same without a recommendations plugin. I also sent an email from the help link, but I figured I’d reply to this as well.

    Thanks for any help you may provide up front.

    I moved on a long time ago. Use nrelate instead…

    Ha!!! I would if I could. nRelate slowed my site to a crawl after the 3.6 update. Page load times in excess of 15 seconds is a non-starter for me. If I cant get this to work, I’ll find something else, or just write my own and shove it up there.

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    Hi all, over the past couple of months our team has been working really hard on revamping the entire recommendations system. PhD’s focused on relevancy and engineers on site crawl algorithms and much more. We anticipate a public roll out in the next few days.

    In the meantime, if you’re facing issues with the current system, do drop us a line – support at shareaholic dot com

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    Mrking02, I see recommendations loading on your site. Can you describe the issue some more?

    Try clearing your browser cache to ensure you have the latest code running.



    My social icons are working fine, except for the counters. Is this an issue with another Pinterest specific plugin I have?

    Also, my Recommendations is not working, for 2 days it said processing and then I just uninstalled/re-installed the plugin, now showing green “ready” icon but not appearing on any posts…

    Please help, thanks.


    I’ve just upgraded to as I was getting the missing images problem with version 6. I now don’t get related content at all. Am I doing something wrong or does something need resetting at the Shareaholic server end?

    My site is


    I have related content enabled but it’s not showing for me at all.

    It seems to have completed it’s data status so not sure why it’s not showing.


    For me it’s not working either.
    I cleared caches, browser cache … still doesn’t show up. Any ideas?

    Mine only appeared on the old posts. The current ones failes to show the recommended articles.


    Hi, everyone!

    I’m just now seeing this thread. The quickest way to get a hold of us and speak to someone directly is by contacting us through our support center.

    For everyone that listed their domain, I’ve checked the data on our end and am performing new crawls to update our data with any changes that may have caused your page data to no longer be synced with your current settings (which are stored under a unique API key).

    If you upgraded from version 6, the data on our end would not have updated to reflect this change. Also, if you pressed the reset button on the Advanced Settings page, this would stop recommendations from showing on your site, because a new API key was generated at that time. These are two specific instances that cause a syncing issue with the data we have cached.

    Now, after running a new crawl for the three sites listed in this thread since we last commented, check on your site in a few hours (no rush), but make sure to empty all caches before flipping through your content, and you’ll also want to check for recommendations on both older and newer content.

    If you are still running into a problem with Related Content visibility, please contact us directly through our support center for personal assistance. Make sure to describe the problem, any relevant details, the URL of this forum thread, and include your website address. Thanks!

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