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  1. LeonModo
    Posted 1 year ago #


    I'm a developer and I've modified a little bit the related plugin to suit the design of my client and I have some questions. Basically the thumbnail size is 190 x 190px and the uploaded thumbnail is 150 x 150px, so there is a pixelated problem. It's a way that you offer custom thumbnail size on your CDN? Or else do you support that thumbnails could be loaded from the localhost. What I'm trying to achieve is to put some 190 x 190px images on the page, but with thumbnails that are at the 380 x 380px (retina 2x).
    Also where to put the new css content so that will not be overwritten with the next update? (I've have not find a tutorial page about your plugin to do so, only some second part on how to edit and use some default classes, on your blog)

    Thank you!


  2. @LeonModo -- Thanks for using nRelate on your site. We currently don't support thumbnail sizes bigger than 150x150 unfortunately. We'll see what we can do about supporting in a future build of our plugin.

    You can add css to customize the widget to your style.css file. Have you checked out our styling guides? http://nrelate.com/theblog/2011/04/20/nrelate-styling-guide/ & http://nrelate.com/theblog/2011/11/15/nrelate-styling-guide-part-ii/

    - Katrina @ nRelate

  3. LeonModo
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thank you for your response. In the end I've personalised the plugin. The only problem I have, is that all the thumbnail are somewhat pixelated. But I think will do for now. In a future version of the plugin I hope that you have some more options, like:

    1. retina thumbnail
    2. more thumbnail dimension ( maybe to a max of 300px)
    3. possibility that the thumbnails should be loaded locally on the server (because for instance in my situation, the client will have his own CDN) - I know that this is a strict policy, like the one from disqus, but it take the user to frustration, and also cost you money to maintain the CDN (at the end I think that are better solutions out there to make a user stick to a plugin and begin the monetisation)
    4. to chose a max thumbnail loading, and a max visible (for instance to show 3 thumbnails, but load 10, and to scroll to see the rest like in a carousel, with the left-right arrows)
    5. I have more ideas, ... but I think that this are important for now, that will definitely make you plugin differentiate from the rest :)

    Thank you!

  4. @LeonModo -- Thanks for your feedback. We're always working to improve so it's definitely appreciated! I've forwarded your notes to our tech team to see what we can do about supporting this in a future build of our plugin.

    - Katrina @ nRelate

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