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  • Mine hasn’t worked in weeks and I still have ticket’s opened for support. Not getting anywhere with support but someday it’ll show up for people using IE9 browser and Vista OS.

    Shareaholic is updating the plugin but non of it’s updates makes related posts work like it did when I used the older plugin version.

    I had to totally disable the related posts feature because when I enabled it, it freeze’s up the page making me unable to click on any links on that page. lol

    Thanks so much for the response. Is it possible to go back to the older version? I agree, mine stopped working with the latest update. It’s a shame, I really liked that feature.

    I am not sure, I like this new version and wish the programmers figure what’s going on. Not everyone use’s the same browser or browser version and I think that is part of the problem but I am no programmer.

    What is the big problem is waiting a week for my ticket to get a response. Seem’s like there is not that many employee’s handling all the support requests coming in through there official website. With ton’s of people using the plugin, you need to beef up support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    When I get a response from my ticket, I’ll post in this support area if mine is working. I really don’t want to install another plugin just for related posts when this plugin has the social buttons and related posts.

    Thanks so much, I look forward to hearing if you receive support. Hopefully we’ll get an answer soon. You’re right – waiting a week for a response is not good support at all. Hang in there and let’s see what happens.

    Hey snakeair,

    For the support ticket #5377 that you reopened on Wednesday, which we have communicating on, I’ll need to investigate the issue directly as I am unable to determine the cause without seeing the problem in action, which I’m unable to do while the feature is disabled.

    I’ve requested access to your WordPress admin panel to do some troubleshooting and grab technical information so that we can get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as possible.

    I apologize for any frustration you have undergone if you have not received responses previously, but I do hope that you have been receiving my replies. Please, check your inbox, and I’ll be happy to help as soon as I have the details necessary to login to your site and take a closer look at the problem.

    Thank you.

    Hi Rebecca,

    I’m looking at your site right now, and it appears that recommendations are displaying. Would you mind emptying your browser’s cache and refreshing your homepage to see if this fixes the problem for you? If this doesn’t work, I’ll need your web browser version and operating system details so that I can open your site in a similar environment to see if the visibility issue can be reproduced on my end. Thanks for your help!

    I just responded to the ticket with information and attached a file. I’ll wait for another response from that ticket.


    Hi Celeste,

    Thanks for taking the time to address my concerns. I went to confirm what you are seeing, and I now see the recommendations as well. I am not sure what changed, but it appears to be fixed. Thank you so much fo ryour help!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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