• I just updated Shareholic to the latest version, and managed to get the plugin working again, but now my related posts are all strange. I’m getting related content such as searches for topics rather than posts. The posts that are included aren’t related at all either.

    Are there some sort of settings I can change to limit what related content it pulls in?


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  • Hi RinelleGrey!

    The Related Content app ties into Shareaholic Analytics. The longer the app remains active on your site, the better our system will become with providing more accurate related content to your readers.

    As for the search topics, if these recommended pages follow a specific URL pattern, they can be filtered from the results by setting a Pages to Exclude from Recommendations list under your General Website Settings screen.

    Use an asterisk as a wildcard. A pattern example: http://www.mydomain.com/s=*

    Right now, we are working on fixing a little hiccup in the exclusion function, but this should be corrected either today or sometime tomorrow. Any excluded URLs will then be automatically filtered from the results. If you have any caching plugins, however, these caches will likely need to be emptied to make sure the changes are reflected on your site. 🙂

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