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  • Task: I have an Author custom post type. It has custom fields, and no, I can’t just put the authors in as users. I basically need to be able to have a drop-down available from the admin section for any page I create where I can associate the page with one of these custom author posts.

    Is there a way to relate custom posts to a page in WordPress? Plugin? So far, I haven’t found any way to (easily) do this.

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  • I think Scribu’s plugin might help:

    Just curious, what’s the logic for not adding users for the Authors?

    I’ll take a look at that. Thanks!

    We’re using WordPress as a CMS for this site. It’s a medical site (cancer research) that needs to attribute certain pages’ content to authors at the top, but not every page. So I can’t put it in the template. I need to basically to only add it to the top of a page if that page needs the author’s info at the top.

    With that said, the admin section needs to stay clean of people who aren’t actual users of the site. These people won’t actually be logging in or submitting the content. The only way I would use the built-in user function would be if I could create a new role for them that gets rid of all the current author fields (easy enough), doesn’t require an email address, and has only a few custom fields that I dictate.

    When looking at all that, it just seems like this data really should be a custom post that I relate to the pages as needed. What do you think?

    I can see your point, and think both directions are possible.

    Your CPT solution will probably work just fine, especially since you don’t need the added functionality users would give you.

    6 and one half dozen to another?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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