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  • We have worked our butts off to make a plugin for some months. We did have a working beta version last year but we didn’t want to add it as a plugin until we was finish with it. Some days ago we thought it was ready for public and signed up to get it included at as a plugin.
    There is some other plugins in the same area for download so we was very suprised to recive an email that told us that “The plugin is not suitable for inclusion. It is not a good fit for what our users want.”
    We have try to find anything that our plugin make to go against the few restriction WP have setup but can’t find anything. So how can our plugin be not suitable?

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  • Are you sure that email was from Sounds a bit odd…

    What does your plugin do?

    It’s a link directory and yes im sure it’s from
    I have submitted this plugin about 4 times now and each time i got an email that say rejected!

    Without knowing the details of the plugin, I doubt anyone can tell you more than ‘WordPress is under no obligation to host every plugin.’

    I’d put it up on my own site, and go from there.

    Yes i totally agree that they have no obligation, but why do they host other plugins in the same area then? Some are not even active and was one of the reasons we did start with our plugin. Maybe they should cleanup all inactiv plugins an encourage new plugin devlopers.
    We think we will survive without inclusion at because we have a good plugin. But an inclusion make everything a lot easier for us at the startup.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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