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    Hello All

    I have a wordpress blog that is functioning properly except that I can’t login to the admin panel – therefore, I can’t write post or anything. Maybe my blog was hacked and messed with but I think the problem is that the wordpress php files are corrupted somehow.

    In anycase, the mysql database appears to be functioning normally. I would like to reinstall the entire wordpress files but keep my existing mysql database as well.

    Is there a way to do this?

    I mean every wordpress installation requires a fresh new mysql database – not one that already has data in it. The installation won’t go through without a new database.

    thanks, any help would be well appreciated..

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  • spencerp


    From what you’re saying, want to RE-upload NEW WordPress files, rather then do an actual full installation.. so, why not just do a normal upgrade so to speak?

    All you’ll be doing then, is, removing the “supposed messed up” WordPress files right? Read this for upgrading..

    Upload the: .txt, .php, .js, .css, .html type files in ASCII mode.
    Upload the: .png, .gif, .jpg image types, in Binary mode.

    AFTER you upgrade the blog, if you’re still having the login problems, you can reset your blog password following this guide here:

    Download a fresh copy of WordPress 2.0.4 here:

    I hope this helps.. =)




    thanks for the response, spencerp.

    no i actually meant a complete fresh reinstallation of wordpress (not uploading wordpress files).

    anytime you install wordpress, it can’t go through unless you have a blank mysql database ready for it to create its tables.

    I want to use existing mysql database (with all my existing posts in it).

    basically, i don’t really know what’s wrong. I just know I can’t get access to my admin panel at the browser, therefore, I can’t make any posts.



    See this for how to go about setting up multiple instances of WordPress in a single database (it’s actually pretty simple):



    1. no i actually meant a complete fresh reinstallation of wordpress (not uploading wordpress files).
    2. I want to use existing mysql database (with all my existing posts in it).

    One or the other. In my very “poetic” mother tongue they say you cannot sit in two saddles with one ass 🙂



    FireFox: Anything I could have said on this was pretty much said already by spencerp and Kafkaesqui’s link.

    moshu: I can, but that’s a different story entirely.



    Ahhh.. and the light starts getting brighter..I was working in total darkness that night, and I was riding on -20 hours of sleep THAT night.. I got enough now though! But, thanks for clarifying this… 😉


    /I could try the one ass for two saddles bit once, but.. I’ll have to stretch, and warm-up first!

    thanks for the advices. however, i’m still experiencing difficulty at reconnecting to my existing database.

    I initially tried what spencerp originally suggest – that is upgrade the files. But I still get the same result (when I after I try to login to my wordpress admin panel, a blank screen shows up).

    I then to try create another wordpress instance using the same mysql database (as Kafkaesqui suggest). The problem with this is that I don’t get access to all my postings from the same database – because I created a new table in mysql. Basically, I’m getting a blank mysql, with no access to all my old categories and postings.

    I tried it and that’s what I got.

    So there is no way to create a new instance of wordpress and then connect to it an existing database so it can have access to all the files in it?


    The install you just did is pointing to a bland table, go into config and point it at the old one. Just change the name and login info.

    Thanks ALL! it’s working fine now. every little tip provided helped.

    I have the same issue. I have a fresh install of WordP nad want to import an older db. Let me see if I understand correctly what to do.

    1. I create a db at the new location with the same name? (This was done at install of the new instance of WordP)

    2. Then drop all the tables in that db?

    3. Then import the old db into the new db of same name?

    4. Then edit the config.php file to point to the new db? (But the names are the same so I shouldn’t need to do this last step. Right?)

    Sounds good.

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