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  • Ive searched but haven’t found anything for this particular issue.

    I have an existing wordpress database but no actual wordpress installation (ie no files). I want to install wordpress and use the existing database, how would I go about doing this?

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  • There are no files in the database. The database is a database. Your WP files and folders should be on your server – where your domain is hosted.

    And for the questions: for ANY WordPress installation you must have an empty database set up before you try to install it.
    Why don’t you just read the manual?

    Sorry I’ve manged to confuse you. The database exists but all files on the server have been deleted.

    Reading the manual is of no help as it does not cover this scenario, as far as I can find anyway.

    Then why are you talking about “reinstall”???
    Install = let the script run to create the database tables.

    Have the WP database? Upload the WP files of the appropriate version and make sure the info in the wp-config is correct.

    There is nothing about it in the Docs because it is common sense. (Which, according to a wise man, is the least common…)

    Deleted the files? Put them back. Done.

    I apologize for piggybacking on this thread but my question is actaully related to it.

    I’m trying to redesign my blog and want to simply set up a second duplicate of my current blog so taht I can play with it without affecting the original.

    I duplicated the database on my server and reinstalled wordpress, set up the config.php file and tried to run admin.php and it told me that wordpress is already installed.

    I had also tried simply duplicating the original WP blog folder and changed config.php to point to the duplicate database but all I ever got was a 404 not found error.

    My question is this: is there any way to simply make a duplicate of a blog (including a separate DB) on the same server so taht I can play with one without it affecting the original. I’ve checked the codex and docs and can’t find anything about this.


    Then you did something wrong.
    If the second installation is in a different folder and it has its own database – they should not interfere. I have multiple blogs on one domain, all in tehir own folder and using different DB or – if the same DB – using different prefix.

    It should work if done correctly.

    Ok, the problem is that I didn’t change the prefix on the duplicate DB then.

    thank you

    Not sure about it.
    You either use one single DB with different prefixes… or you use a different DB for each installation, and it that case the prefix is irrelevant.

    Actually, a quick followup

    I changed the prefix in the new install (to ‘test’) and it worked (in that it let me run admin.php and set things up). However, none of the data from the old blog was brought over or incorporated into the new build. Or at least it wasn’t accessed with the new blog.

    I still can’t find an easy explanation in the docs or codex of how to essentially duplicate all of the data from an old blog database so taht I can then use it to test another site build.

    Or, wait, are you saying that I can access the original blog with a different prefix and it will let me use the blog data without changing the information in the other blog? Does that question make sense?

    Basically, here’s what I did. My original blog uses a DB called wordpress. I had my host duplicate that DB and call it wordpress2. I installed WP in a new directory and set config php to use wordpress2 with a prefix of test. It let me run install.php but didn’t use any of the old data.

    Can I tell the new install to simply use the blog data from wordpress but with the prefix test? Both blogs use teh same post data but different themes and such? I’m not sure I’m making sense.

    Thanks for any help you can provide

    However, none of the data from the old blog was brought over or incorporated into the new build.

    Of course not. A new install is a new install is a new install.

    Your host did NOT “duplicate” the database – they just created another one for you. Another empty database. That’s how it works.
    And don’t move over the old database – for testing themes and settings you don’t need the very same content. Plus, having it online the search engines would penalize you for “duplicate content”!

    wow, you ask a straight question and are told “go read the manual.” When you point out that this scenario is NOT covered in the manual, it’s inferred you’re stupid. And all that by a moderator?

    How about trying to help for once? I have the same scenario: WP files shot to hell, Database still ok.

    Making a new WP with an existing database is similar to moving wordpress to a “new server”, in that you need to install WP and then import your exisiting DB.

    Simply, read the following but apply it to the server you want to reinstall at:

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