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  • Hi all. I have a quick question regarding reinstalling an existing multisite already with themes and plugins installed. Main reason for installation is to make it compatible with php 7.x. Can I install a fresh multisite in the same domain, then move the wp-content folder, wp-config back and reconnect the existing DB? That would be the easiest way for me. Thanks!

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  • What makes you think it isn’t compatible with PHP 7.X already?

    I’d recommend a complete backup just in case then update my PHP as needed. That should normally be all that is necessary.

    You might find a theme or plugin that is incompatible within your install. You’ll need to deal with those issues if they arise but the WordPress itself will be compatible.

    PHP is not a compiled language if that was what you were thinking.

    hey thanks for your message. actually i upgraded php from 5.x to 7.x on my server, but since then my multisite install still sees php 5.x and still gives me the outdated php warning. I checked with phpinfo the domain is running at php 7.3 fcgi, but wordpress still doesn’t detect it. I read somewhere that I needed to reinstall the multisite if it was originally installed while running an old version of php. I’m just out of other ideas beside this….

    You didn’t include a URL to your site so I can’t look at it but…

    Call your host for help or look into your htaccess file, your PHP.ini file, and your control panel to see which PHP those think your server is running.

    If you have multiple WordPress installs (I’m not talking about multisite specifically) on that server they may each be seeing a different PHP version also.

    You need to consider that. Of course the multisite will be running whatever PHP it sees as its assigned version on all its sub-sites.

    BTW: this isn’t really a WordPress issue. If you need further help then you might find people even more experienced with this issue over at someplace like Stack Exchange or some of the PHP centric forums.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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