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  • i just managed to install wordpress to my domain and it worked perfectly fine, immediately. however, i sadly realised that i has been too quick during the installation as i had been stupid enough to upload the entire wordpress folder instead of just the content of the wordpress folder. this meant that my wordpress blog was which i obviously didn’t want. i tried to delete all the files from ftp and re-upload only the content of the wordpress folder. however, it’s not working well and on my webpage it says:

    You appear to have already installed WordPress. To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.

    i would like to re-install but how do i clear my database? i’ve tried looking through the forums but couldn’t find an answer to my question. how can i start from scratch?

    please help me out. thanks in advance and i’m really sorry for the inconvenience!

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  • There are a couple of ways to do this…the following video on moving the blog from a subdirectory to root is one.

    How to Move WordPress from a Subdirectory to Root and Vice-Versa

    If you don’t have a lot of content, then it may even be easier to just delete everything and install again in root.


    If what you want is to clear out your tables, go into phpMyAdmin in your hosting control panel, click on the name of your database in the left column, which will display in the right the names of all your database tables. At the bottom of the right panel, click “Check All”, and in the pulldown select “Drop”. Then click Go. This deletes all the tables. Then you can start over again with the install.

    thanks a lot! stvwlf’s explanation was enough – it’s working perfectly well now 🙂

    Hello my name is Ralph..Just joined.. am new.. I have some knowledge but am very green.. I’m not stupid, I’m just unfamiliar and I type with 6 fat fingers not 10 but I’m pretty fast..

    I’m trying to install Word press..right now its in a zip file , I have explored it and Holy COW..what in the world is this..
    Can someone please help me install it.. step by step ..whats the the first thing I need to do. I am familiar with many terms my problem is I never learned how to execute correctly..upload / download / FTP /open directory// so many steps…??? don’t have a clue on how to’s…
    I know these are necessary maneuvers I just never traveled on those roads..
    I tried to find some related topics on how to start from home plate..
    but it seems many of you are far ahead of me and I don’t want to impose my stupidity on anyone who may be impatient with me..

    I need to go slow at first..

    Any takers.. that would be nice..

    Thanks again..folks

    If you have a webhost and want to install it there, then try this…note, if you don’t have Cpanel then just use ftp for the file transfer parts:

    How to Install WordPress through Cpanel

    If you want to install it on your local computer, then try this:

    How to Run WordPress on Your Windows Computer Using XAMPP

    One more point.. I already have a blog with
    Is this the same place..I noticed that this is DOT ORG.

    If I have a blog page with .com already, do I really need this..?
    maybe, maybe not huh!

    What is the difference between this downloadable Word Press version and the page that I created in the DOT COM site..

    That was whole lot easier to put together..
    I also have a domain for my blog but I don’t know how to associate it together..currently I use this..

    I thought it would more beneficial to have my own blog at one point in time and associate it with my own domain name..However, I never realized how difficult this is.. It seems very convoluted to me
    Just wanted to inform where I coming from..
    thanks again..

    Hello Figaro..thanks for the reply..
    what would be better..another hosting or my own computer..
    I am getting ready to apply for a hosting account with seem pretty reasonable

    the other consideration is

    There are lots of reasonable hosts out there. I like for their support. I like for their full featured Cpanel accounts.

    However, getting a host is just a first step…if you are going to move from and host your own blog, you need to be ready to spend a little time getting over the learning curve…it’s not that difficult…just not as easy as

    Hi..I’m back …Had to go make money for a few weeks..
    I would like to get my uploaded..and I need help..
    heres is where I am at..

    Right now I use FileZilla as my ftp source..

    my question is…Do I take the entire zip file folder and move it over to my public HTML box and then up load..

    if you want to install in the root
    upload all of the files inside the wordpress folder to
    run installer

    if you want it in a sub folder (or similar)
    upload entire wordpress folder
    rename it to “blog” or whatever
    run the installer



    How to Install WordPress through Cpanel

    Good morning to anyone..

    Last night I had a successful night I managed to get WordPress 2.7.1 uploaded and fully fuctionable I am so happy I feel like a 58 year old kiddie in the park..

    so heres my new site..
    this will change to a new domain name shortly…

    I got my new free theme from someplace on google and I want to make some changes.. but I don’t know how to log in into my dashboard / admin panel.DUUUUUH?????

    I was there last night when I was setting things up..
    and this morning I cant figure out where my Admin panel is.. go figure

    It appears that I need to make a separate bookmark just to log in.. if If I type in that does not get me to my admin panel..

    Is it me or am I the only living, jerk with no brains, out here. I know I’m one of those people who look and don’t see.. I cant help it I was born this way.. Is sure do give it my best

    However…where in the F$%^#$% is the admin panel for crying out loud…??????????????????????

    ..Next Issue now that I’ve got the 2.7.1 version I want to have the new 2.8 version.. what do I need to do here ..??????????

    Do I delete the 2.7.1 version from my FTP host and re upload or can I just upload 2.8 over it ..or what..

    A small note to the wordpress community from me…
    Please bear in mind to those who teach anything about

    I detest information or anyone who writes information that claims that creating and uploading a word press .org blog setup can be done in 5 minutes.. I have read many tutorials so far..and more than half of them are outdated, many comments from other tutorial type blogs have comments with advice that are more 3-4 years old..etc etc. do you get the point….give me a break…

    It took me 5 hours to get things going especially dealing with my FTP client..
    Please bear in mind I am new to this..I have no idea what I am doing.
    I see many others are in the same boat…
    God forbid you should drag an important folder in the wrong spot..
    and since I’m computer stupid along with 95% of the rest of us trying to get a free blog going.. it took me an hour or so and numerous phone calls to my FTP tech support just to figure out that what i did was wrong.. Duh???

    really.. I didn’t realize that..How does one know.. I don’t have a teleprompter..I wish i did..

    then I also never realize that ther is a big difference between uploading one of those CSS free templates as oppossed to a CSS free theme..

    Holy Cow… after 2 hours of trying to figure out why my template did not appear.. on my new theme page…
    Thank god for my tech support gal who picked up on the fact that certain types of templates don’t work right because of this or that reason and she suggested to use a theme instead.. Viola..

    Sure enough that was the trick.. lets see TEMPLATE OR THEME..
    which is better..? you tell me..this would make for a good article.

    That was some 5 minute installation..if any one recognizes this 5 minute tutorial you may want to express the fact ..
    that this only applies to MIT grads and software INTERNET specialist who do this for a living..
    If your not one of those type of guys or gals.. they should re-write their tutorial and state….

    “proceed with caution this may take 5 hours or longer”

    I’m a general contractor/ carpenter..
    what do you do..?

    Sure would appreciate hearing how to log in to my admin panel..

    thanks for listening.. everyone..

    Just wanted to say that I have found my admin Log in..Viola..
    for all those who are like me.. confused, dazed and amazed ..
    remember this..

    http://www.your domain wp-admin…

    and bookmark it into your blogging info your self some grief..

    thanks to bh_WP_fan..
    I got it..

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