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    Ok. So I accidently deleted my blog from the control panel on my server. The SQL database still looks intact so I think it just removed most all the files on the server.

    When I go to reinstall it, what steps shold I take to ensure that I do not overwrite the database structure? I could just have a different prefix, but then how do I call up the old posts?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Why would you install it if it is installed? Just upload the missing files and… happy blogging 🙂

    I actually deleted 2 blogs. 1 on purpose and the other on accident. I figure I would try to restore the one that isn’t important first to ensure the important one gets done correctly.

    I reinstalled WordPress, but when I login with the Admin that I setup, I don’t get any options in the dashboard. I wiped out the files completely before reinstalling.

    Check it out. user jasonh pass test

    And just for reference, the one that was important is located here: you can see what files were left behind.

    1. For this one you should login as admin – that jasonh user is probably a low level user and by design he cannot see anything in the admin panel 🙂

    2. for … that seems to be a very old version, assuming by the filenames.

    1. When I reinstalled I setup jasonh as the admin. I even tried logging in as admin with all the passwords I ever use and no luck.

    2. Yes, it was a while back when I installed it. Should I upgrade or try to find that version and reinstall that?

    1. there are two possibilities:
    a) the user is NOT an admin despite what you think
    b) you don’t have all the files in the wp-admin folder

    2. First try to restore the original version. All the older versions are here:
    Then go the the Codex and read very carefully the Upgrading_WordPress section. I guess you can upgrade only in two steps.

    3. If the databases are there and not corrupted, just upload the missing files – do NOT try to install.

    1. How do I create or find out what the admin account is?

    2. How do I know which version it is? I am trying to dig through some of the files to see if it is listed in there.

    Also, looking in the database, I only see the 1 user. So there isn’t an ‘admin’. I can’t see in the structure where I could change anything to make that user have different priveledges.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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