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    I have reinstalled and the prior problems re-appeare but the priot solutions do not work.

    The Home page shows a reply box. As suggested last time I have unchecked everything related to blogs both on the screen options tab and on the settings pages. It remained.

    Next I deleted the home page. The site was no longer displayed, just some user info. Now, as in a previous problem, I can see the site with Firefox but not with IE. I did the F12/ doc Stds = IE(9) but that didn’t help this time.

    I apologize for recycleing old problems. Thanks for your help.


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    Your site in my FF appears EXACTLY as in my IE9

    I did yet another reinstall and another the above problem is fixed but another old problem has returned.

    A Reply box is shown which shouldn’t be there. I have checked Settings, screen options have no blog setting turned on.

    Any suggestions?



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    I did not see any “reply Box”. Where is it?


    On the home page, below the text is a large grey box that says Leave a Reply. It appears on other pages also.

    It is a remmant of the blog function and should not appear for a web site application.
    It appears on both my Vista and Windows 7 computers.



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    I don’t see it in my IE9.

    Try clearing cache in your browser

    The entire reply box is there…

    Did you follow this for making a static front page:


    Yes I created the home page earlier today and make it a static page. Also permalink is set at the default. I see the box with both IF and FF. I also cleared the browser cache set the document at IE standards.

    Thanks for your continuing help.


    Hmm, that really is odd, and I’m sure very frustrating. Do you have any plug-ins activated, because they can sometimes do funny things. It looks like jetpack maybe – as there’s a javascript from it at the bottom of that page. It has a comments function – so check if there are setting to turn them off.

    I disabled jet pack and activated twentyeleven, thus deactivating my child theme.

    No luck. I will reinstall (# 7)


    I am now on reinstall #9. The Reply box is still there.

    Is there a website theme with no blog stuff? This could replace twentyeleven.


    The site is curently disabled on purpose.

    Have you checked with your host to see if they have any caches on your server?

    Have you been starting with a new database on these reinstalls?


    I did F12 and emptied the caches.

    I am using the GoDaddy automatic installation which creates a new database each time.

    I still have the reply box.

    Maybe I will try the manual “5 minute installation.”


    I really don’t know what to suggest, except to contact GoDaddy and ask them to help you. From what I’ve heard they use caches on their servers so that may be the problem. Tell them you want a completely new, clean set up from square one.

    I fixed it!

    Search for “Delete Reply Box” you will find many postings about the issue going back for years.

    The solution changes with every theme but the answer is to comment out a statement about “comment.” The statement may be in various folders. (e.g. loop_page.php for twentyten)

    For twentytwelve the statement to comment out is ‘$comment = get comment($comment_id)’ Put ‘//’ in front of that.

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