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  • Hi, I recently undertook the job of taking over a blog that a company is trying to push to make earnings on the side.

    The person who used to manage the blog was let go for numerous reasons, so it was my job to clean up the shitty layout and add more content. To be frank, my CSS / PHP / HTML knowledge is limited, though I have run across a plugin that seems would be fit for someone like me. Canvas?

    So I downloaded Canvas and WordPress 2.2 onto the current desktop I’m stationed at. I installed canvas onto it and went to install WordPress 2.2 and it said i needed to clear my database and reinstall. Now I can’t find wordpress or anything on the computer the other kid used to work at. Is it somewhere on someones computer? How can I get this plugin working.

    What do I do? I understand this may seem vague? if someone needs pictures or details I will be happy to supply them.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can find the latest version of the WordPress software by clicking at the top of this page where it says “download the new version”.

    Yes, I’ve downloaded the new version of WordPress, but I want to add a plug in and it says I need to clear my old database. How do I do that?

    And they let the other kid go? 🙂





    Hi Folks, I just joined because I am having a similar problem to Ricky.

    I had WordPress installed on a site but stopped using it last year. I needed to redesign the site and put the blog in a subdirectory so I reinstalled the software yesterday.

    I have also forgotten all my old login info.

    When I go to wp-install it tells me there an older version and to clear my database(s). I dont know how to do that and it keeps giving me page not found errors when I try to login but I can see the pages I am trying to call are physically there with my ftp.

    I realize this damage is my own creation so lets keep any further smart comments to a minimum and try to include something helpful for Ricky and myself.

    How do I A. clear my database or B. completely uninstall so that I can start from scratch?

    Thanks for any help.

    To clear you database you’ll need something along the lines of phpmysql or maybe a mysql client. Or if you on windows maybe uninstalling the mysql database software would clear the databases. Not to familiar with windows and mysql.





    You empty your tables by accessing your database and .. emptying the tables.

    The way you access your MySQL database varies from host to host.

    The alternative to that is to just use another prefix inside wp-config.php

    If the current prefix is wp_ and I bet it is, as that is the default, then you used wp_ last time as well. So use another prefix, and it will do a fresh install of brand spanking new tables.

    Thanks jeremyclark13 and whooami.

    My next question is then about uninstalling it so that I can reinstall it. I know nothing about dbs and MySQL and I dont see any file in my ftp that looks like a data file. I am looking through ftp because, as I said before, I cant pull up any admin panels in my browser because of the page not found errors so I have pretty much tanked the site.

    Talk to me like I am your mother… Grandmother? The cute blond HR girl whos ignorance you tollerate because she’s got a nice personality?… If it’s too complicated, tell me to call my hosting company and have them wipe the drive so I can reinstall it.

    Better yet call your hosting company and have them walk you through how to access your database and how to empty the tables. If you have an administration panel for you hosting service you might find database administration, otherwise give you host a call.

    Thanks again jeremyclark13.. going out on a limb… Jeremy 🙂 I am in my hosting admin panel and there is nothing that looks like db management. I am going to get on the phone.


    It’s kind of fun to totally trash a site. I’m learning what “knowing enough to be dangerous” is all about.



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    You’ll need to contact your hosting provider anyway because at the very least you’ll need the hostname, username and database name for your mysql config. (You may be able to get these out of the existing config.php if you can get that.)


    rofl, the last kid did not know what WP was til I told him about it.

    Oh, thank you Jeremy and Traci for the help, by the way 🙂

    To be frank, my CSS / PHP / HTML knowledge is limited,

    Well, in that case you shouldn’t have taken up this job…

    I didn’t apply for the position. I mainly deal with customer service. It was just an idea gathered by my boss and I was told to try to learn about it as much as a could.

    The last employee stole the worst layouts from what I’ve seen and most of the content is copy and paste from other blogs.

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