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    How do I uninstall and re-install 2.5,without losing everything. I upgraded via my oneclick install and I think I got a bad upgrade, I can’t get into my plugins or my manage tab. I want to see if I install it using my ftp by unzipping and installing a new file will help. This is frustrating because I’m not the best with all the programing thing, so I’m not sure what I can delete or need to keep to make a re-install.

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  • debpro, I would

    1) First download the ‘WordPress Database Backup’ from this page:

    2) Install it as a plugin (it’s really easy to use), then

    3) Backup all your files in a database, then

    4) Re-do everything if you still want to at that point.

    This way all of the user-generated data (posts, cats, etc) should be left intact “just in case” but you should still probably be fine if and when you re-do the installation of WP. (Just be sure like it says in the documentation not to COPY OVER the wp-content folder, cos that contains all of your custom themes..)

    Good luck!

    The only thing is I can’t get to my plugins, it won’t let me, or the manage tab to do a backup, I’ve got the plugin already intalled, I want to unintall 2.5 and reinstall it through an ftp port or something or just go back to where I was before…functioning.

    The problem was in the plugins. I moved all my plugins through an ftp to a new folder, then went into the dashboard and it’s back. I put the plugins back into the wp-content/plugin folder one at a time. These are the plugins I found don’t work. The 404 notifier plugin does not work, gives a fatal error, feedburner same, wp-amazon is the one that gave me the 500 server error, and I liked that plugin I could grab products and put them right into my posts, azlite did the same thing but it’s connected to amazon. All the other plugins that I put back have worked so far. But what is really weird is those plugins are working fine on my other site, for the exception of the amazon plugin but it’s not giving me the errors.
    Here is a list of the plugins I am using that are working on, the site I’ve had the problems with.
    adsence manager
    all in one seo
    do follow
    google xml sitemap
    oneclick installer
    seo friendly pics
    simple forum (not sure if really working, but no errors)
    snap shots
    ultimate google analytics
    wordpress automatic upgrade
    wordpress database back up

    Thats what is running so far for me, I would like to get the 404 notifier up and running though.
    Oh ya, the problem I had last night also was my posts. When I would view my site, then click on on a post it gave me a 404 error and would take me to a generic page. So I change my permalinks to default and saved then viewed the post again and it worked, but what was really weird is I immediately changed it back to the custom and went and viewed and it worked, so don’t know what that was all about but I’m just glad to be back up and running, well I haven’t posted yet so wish me luck.

    I hope this info has been helpful to you and wordpress.

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