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  • I just installed the redirection plugin and would like to enter regular expressions to ensure all my posts and pages are redirected without having to enter all the URLs for the pages, in particular. I’ve been searching for ways to do this, but have not been successful. Can anyone help me with this? I was able to redirect my main URL, but I have pages as well that need to be redirected.

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  • The Redirection plugin for WordPress does this very well.

    I have The Redirection plugin for WordPress. I just don’t know how to use ‘Regular Expressions’ with it. Anyone know the basic ‘Regular Expressions’ that would be useful for working with redirects in WordPress. Like removing the dates in the URL or changing a category name?

    Regex / Regular Expressions with Redirection Plugin
    I’m having the exact same issue.. I know how to directly edit HTACCESS / use mod rewrites on my own, but I would rather use this tool to manage all that.

    I’ve tried several times to use regular expressions with this plugin, but I have had no luck…

    There’s not a single example, and the documentation is too terse to give any real worthwhile advice. He doesn’t say where to enter it/ he just throws out a few examples, then moves on to the next topic.

    I’m extremely confused, because I can’t find a page where I can put in a few expressions.. the only page I’m aware of, where you can edit options, is the under managment/ redirection… i.e. all the options under that heading.

    Has anyone found some direction on using expressions? That would keep us from having to make a zillion redirections.


    The documentation is deliberately terse because regular expressions are a huge topic that is far beyond what can be covered. For details on how regular expressions work you would be better off visiting a dedicated regular expression website and support forum.

    Four examples are given in the documentation, and all regular expressions go in the same place as standard URLs (i.e. you enter a source and target URL). The only difference is that you need to check the ‘regex’ box.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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