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  • Can anyone kindly tell me….

    If you have a dev site and a live site and say you want to make a change now and then. for example lets say the change is design based. such as adding a widget on a page or adding a search box or whatever along those lines. would you have to do a backup and migrate EVERY TIME?????

    A backup and migrate involves alot of steps! and to my common sense doesn’t sound like something that would be done each time you want to make a little change.

    So….if there is a hassle free way of doing this….such as simply replacing the old wp_contents folder with the new one….PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME. in terms of databases, i know how to make a database and a user for it and how to connect it to wordpress through the wp_config file. the rest of it is alien to me.

    if i wanted to make minor changes to my site, to keep it short and efficient would i have to know which tables to export and re-import from my database? or do i have to export and re-import the whole database?

    I want to keep two copies of my site (one live and one dev) and i want to keep these two up to date with each other on a regular basis (so yes….the change may be simple blog content rather than a design change). so in that case would it be a simple copy and paste of the entire wp_contents folder via FTP?

    over time, there would be less changes to design and then I would only want to update the two copies of my site in terms of the content published.

    Sorry for the long question. i have looked EVERYWHERE for a solution. Bluehost didn’t help at all.

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    There isn’t. You have to follow the instructions on Moving_WordPress each time.

    so each time…..i have to copy over the database and the WHOLE wordpress folder and after importing it…..i have to do a complete search and replace on all the url’s? If this is the case, then does that mean that for the time it takes for the files to be overwritten that people won’t be able to view the site or they will keep coming across errors due to the file transfer not being complete yet…? because this process doesn’t finish in the blink of an eye. it takes TIME. so how do people usually do this without coming across this obstacle? I mean….what do most people use for this common task? backupbuddy? does that make it all faster?

    Personally, I never, ever, develop a complete site anywhere other than the final remote domain. I might have a copy locally with dummy content that allows me to try out style changes or test a plugin but I then just deploy the changes to the live site when I’m satisfied.

    ok……I guess since i can’t find a common practice for this sort of thing. maybe the answer is…..doing a COMPLETE backup and migrate. i guess only the beginning stages of making the website will require this. later people don’t do this as often….hence why i can’t find guides for it. tbh…. esmi….on nearly all websites people state that you should never develop on the actual live site and that safest way is to develop on a WAMP. and it makes sense. I checked out backup buddy again and yes it makes the whole process much faster and more efficient….but i have one question which funny enough…i couldnt find the answer to.

    Question: does backup buddy fix the url’s SAFELY (maintaining serialization) after re-importing the dev site? …as all the url’s will be (including internal url’s).

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