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  • Hi gang,

    Well, reglevel has been awesome in terms of sorting new registrations into appropriate user roles. One little loophole though: on the login and forgetpassword pages, there is a link to Register that brings the user to the default register page. Thus if a potential new user ends up on the login page (not uncommon) they will find a link to the register page. When they click to register, they will not have been sorted by the user roles set up with reglevel because they won’t have gone through the reglevel url for that role. Instead, they will be registered with the default role assigned by WP. As similar situation exists with the forgetpassword page.

    The quick fix to this seems simply to be to remove the “registration” link in both the log in and forgetpassword pages.

    But I am a coding illiterate so all I can do is post here, hat-in-hand, and ask for help 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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  • adammann33 – I’m always open to new feature suggestions, and I can try to include “disable default registration” as an option in the next version. But please keep in mind that this was not an intended feature of RegLevel – the plan was to keep all of the default behavior in place while allowing alternative registration links for special user groups.

    I will keep your feedback in mind, though, as I’m already developing the next version of the system (fixing conflicts with a few other plug-ins and trying to add integration with bbpress). If you have any other suggestions, please let me know!

    adammann33 – I’ve looked into this issue, and there’s no realistic way to disable that link on the login page without disabling registration across the board. However, I am pulling the standard registration-related WordPress options into the RegLevel admin screen so you can set the default registration to something meaningful (and manage it all in one place).

    It’s not an ideal compromise but it’s the best I can do from a plug-in. To actually disable this link on the login and forgot password pages would require re-writing core files.

    OK, version 1.1 of RegLevel is now posted and available. It fixes the problems you and others have been having with Register Plus (I’ve tested and verified that the redirects work and that different user types will receive confirmation emails).

    Unfortunately, I’m not able to integrate things with BBPress just yet. The system is designed a little differently than WordPress and I haven’t been able to get it to cooperate. I’ll keep working on things and will release an update when I can get it to work.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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