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    Hello there,

    I am using the tutor plugin, and after the last uptade to 1.4.6, the users have already logged in cant enroll in the course if this course is paid.

    I tested several times, and I reached in a conclusion:

    1. If you put in the configuration of the course as Paid, the users cant enroll if the course is programming with the last version of the Woocommerce;
    2. If you put in the configuration of the course as Paid, the users cant enroll even the product is 0 bucks;
    3. If you put in the configuration of the course as Free, the users can enroll.
    4. Even with the error happening, the users who paid with Woocommerce is being registred as a Students in the plugin, but the plugin is not get in the acess for the course them tried to enroll.

    So after that tests, I ve reached in a conclusion: The plugin (Tutor) isnt connecting the new course s users if the option Woocommerce is activated.

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  • Hi there,

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We have not found this type of enrolling issue before on the paid course. I think you have updated to the 1.4.6 from a very old version. That’s why you are experiencing some conflicts.

    I’m having trouble to understand the mentioned issue and possible solution without checking your site. It will be pleasing for us if you can email us support at themeum dot com to get the solution.



    I’m having the same exact issue.

    When it’s listed as a free course the user is registered as a student and enrolled in the course with no problem.

    However, if you wich to a paid course the user is registered as a student but is not enrolled in the course and there’s no way for them to enroll however the payment still goes through

    The site is

    Hi there,

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience. The order status needs to be Completed for the automatic enrollment after purchasing. So make sure the order status is completed.

    FYI, WooCommerce expects a response from the payment gateways to mark the order as “Complete”. Most of the payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout have this feature built-in and you can just add a callback URL or thank you page. That helps with the automated order handling process.


    i’m facing the same problem. I’m using payehere payment gateway(sri lanka). U thnk that problem needs to be solved by payhere payment gateway?
    or can we change the status to automatic after paid?

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    Hello @rajithkalinda,

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, order completion totally depends on the payment gateway that you are using. Please check my previous reply and try to make the order completion automated.


    Guys I’m sorry for answer you all late.

    I have already solved this issue. The passes I used were very Simple and I will explain how to fix it the follow Bellow:

    I am using the current Woocommerce version, and the submenu product (in the Woocommerce’s option) you have to put the course product as a tutor course, virtual and downloaded as flagged options, even if your your users will not download anything when they finish to pay your product. With this options flagged, when an user payed for one of your courses, the system’s tutor will configure automatically the user as enrolled.

    This is a problem of integration of two plugins, the recognized option the course tutor in the product and the Woocommerce function after checkout.

    I hope I can you with this.

    Best regards,
    Lucas Xavier

    Tutor’s team, thank you for all your replies.




    I have tried to flag the downloadable option also. Till yesterday everything was all right. Bit since lat evening all my order are completed on woocommerce but on dashboard the enrolled courses remain zero only. I do not understand how flagging of downloadable course option helped you. It has not worked for me. I have to refund the money of many students since last evening. And I am unable to correct this situation. Tried all options the enrollment is not happening.

    Please advise



    my website is



    Same issue is occurring with me also.

    After making payment the order status shows completed automatically.
    And infact the purchase history of student, it shows that they have purchased the course.
    when they go back to enrolled courses, it doesn’t show and then they can’t assess the course. And also again showing add to cart.

    Please help me with this issue. Because i have to launch my website soon.

    Plugin Support Nayeem


    Hello @vijeshjain @wooo00 ,

    Go to this path /wp-content/plugins/tutor/classes/WooCommerce.php and replace line no 49 & 50 with these lines

    add_action('woocommerce_new_order', array($this, 'course_placing_order_from_admin'), 10, 1);
    add_action('woocommerce_thankyou', array($this, 'course_placing_order_from_customer'), 10, 1);

    This should fix the problem

    Video instruction:

    Sorry for the inconvenience you are facing. . Thanks for your patience and kind consideration



    I have changed the code still same problem exist.

    Today I tried 10th time to enroll the student in my course. Everytime student is able to enroll in the course, payment is also received. But the page is not redirected to course.
    When students views the dashboard he is not able to see his enrolled history or course.
    Mr.Nayeem Sir,
    This is last time I am asking your goodself, that will there be such problems for life long? if yes, than I have to quit Tutor LMS immediately and switch over to another platform.

    Plugin Support Nayeem


    Hello @imtiazdhafrani

    We have resolved this WooCommerce enrollment issue in Tutor LMS version 1.6.8

    Can you please check your version number, please? Also please check the order status from the WordPress dashboard > WooCommerce > Orders section whether they are marked as completed or still processing?


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    did you get the solution ,

    we are facing similar issue

    enroll now tab is not working on our website

    if course is free , registered users are unable to enroll.

    nothing happens after clicking the ” enroll tab” button screen shot is attached
    its linked to some /#modal-login. it like nothing happens, this is specifically in case of free course
    link is something like #modal-login

    our wordpress version is 5.5
    php is also upgraded to 7.4

    i changed role from subscriber to student and vice versa

    I tried wordPress dashboard > settings > permalinks and set that to Post name

    if I make it paid and with 100% discount than it goes through proper add to cart and process works normal

    Tutor lms support team is good so I have emailed to support also, here just checking if someone else faced same issue. I hope someone comes up with the solution

    Thank in advance.



    I have tutor LMS Pro. I created a paid course in tutor LMS. I am using Woocommerce. I created a coupon for the same amount as the course fee to give to some students. When the student orders the course. The Order status stays at Processing. I have to manually go in and change the order status to Completed in order for the student to be able to start taking the course. I can’t have students having to wait for me to manually do this. Is there a solution to fix this? My Tutor LMS version is 1.7.3 and my Tutor LMS Pro version is 1.7.2. Woocommerce version is 4.6.1. Woocommerce Payments version is 1.6.0 and Woocommerce stripe gateway version is 4.5.3.
    WorPress version is 5.5.1.

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