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    Testing your plugin.

    Personally, I find the registration with obligatory Username to be an outdated feature, which is likely to put people OFF registering in the first place.

    Is there a way to use Email address as a base for registration?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Contributor Sinisa



    WordPress requires username to create user object, therefore, PeepSo simply follows that.
    You can however login using email used during registration. That’s how thing work in WP for a long time.

    As you can see, PeepSo only builds on top of the WP user object. If you don’t like registration with username, you can use any plugin that allows registration without it. As long as user is stored in wp_users table, it will work with PeepSo as well.

    Thanks Sinisa.
    Would you please suggest the plugins that could resolve my problem?

    Plugin Contributor Sinisa


    It’s really hard for me to suggest stuff that I don’t use 🙁
    You should maybe scan the plugin directory to see if there is a plugin that allows to create the registration form while hiding the username field.

    Thanks again indeed.
    Please confirm that,
    (according to your advice),
    if a user is registered with another plugin, Peepso will pick up all usermeta fields (including the user_login) for its Profile display capabilities…


    Plugin Contributor Sinisa


    As long as user is stored in wp_users table and visible in WP Admin -> Users, it will.

    Thanks 😉

    PeepSo can only recognise WP default user meta fields, which is a limitation. But, then, PeepSo is claiming its own sphere of influence within the WP framework, and quite a demanding one. The script not only creates its own DB tables space (18 extra tables!!!), it also populates wp_posts and wp_usermeta tables quite heavily. I would have understood a leaner approach whereby the extra custom tables would take away some of the burden from the existing one, but such a ‘draconian’ conquest as PeepSo does… :))) No thanks 😉

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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