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  • When someone registers via the default in WP v2.1, in order to comment, what happens to the name/email address? Is it retrievable/listed somewhere?

    One reason I ask is I am working on a highschool site and trying to determine the easiest and with security in mind the best way to collect classmate email addresses/maybe their phones too, and make a “contact page” or something. I am playing with a nice plugin called “WP Contact Form v.2.0WP” right now.

    I have an email mass mailer and could also use the collected emails to blast out announcements – unless WP provides a that feature. I am starting to research plugs for these issues but hoped someone had experience in this matter.

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  • you could just use a newsletter plugin. There’s one at – you have to pay for it though. But there’s also a plugin that makes a mailing list for you (I can’t remember the name of it, but you can look at That one collects phone numbers and mailing addresses, as well, if you want it to.

    If you set your comments to inform you when a comment is left, it’ll email you every time one is made. Also, you can look at your comments manger and it lists all the comments: with email address, IP address and website that the commenter leaves.

    I *do* hope that, whatever you choose to do, you plan on having a “sign up for our newsletter” thing, and don’t just plan to “blast out announcements” to anyone and everyone who comments on the blog without them signing up for it. That’ll lead you down a path you don’t wanna go on. 😉

    So this isn’t mentioned again…we are very sensitive to the “S” word here and have not offended many who belong to this or that regarding announcements, etc., thank you very much! 😉

    I will look into the newsletter thing Doodlebee, etc. Thanks!

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