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  • saucemaster


    Over the holidays, updated from 2.9.x to 3.0.4 and suddenly I am getting about 5-10 ‘fake’ registrations to my site every day. Most of the names are just nonsense characters and a lot of the addresses are .ru domains. I have installed Bad Behavior, Askimet, and Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin, but after a week I still get multiple registrations a day.

    I have read through the forums here, and see solutions for comment spam, which isn’t my problem exactly — I don’t want them to register at all. They are not actually making comments, but it is annoying to have to manually delete 10 or so new users a day.

    You don’t have to register to make a comment on my site, but we are open to allowing ‘real’ people to register so that they can make new posts and be ‘trusted’ to let all their comments through. Is there a way I can make it harder for bots or spammers to register?

    Site is

    Thanks in advance.

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  • b1gft


    I also have this problem, so any help would be great, thanks

    same here, around five fake registrations a day, without a user role. I have public registration disabled, but that doesn’t stop them from registering. I even use SI Captcha on the Login page, but they manage to get around that too.

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