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  • i tried to register a new user yesterday and it didn’t register, the registration page redirected to itself(register page) without registering the user, and the buddyboss register meter didn’t move from create account to check mail.. it just redirected back to the same registration page with password and confirm password fields empty..

    and my site is ready for upload.. just wanted to test all features again before i go live

    and this came up.. but with my other wp/bp site it works well.. and they both use same theme(customized buddyboss)

    any IDEAS!!!

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  • okie i just noticed something… when i remove buddypress 1.7 and put 1.6.4, my site registers users and it works well… but what i dont understand is i have a dummy version of the site and buddypress 1.7 works well on it..and it registers users without problems… but it doesnt work for the main site.. and i tested it on another site.. users cant register

    so why are users able to register on BP1.7 and cant register on 1.6.4 and users can register on my dummy with any version of my BP,

    if there is a bug conflict somewhere …please am opened to the solution

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