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  • No idea how to fix that?

    I seem to have the same issue here. I also found another topics about the combinatotion with the Ultimate member-plugin. I also like to know how to solve this.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hello, did any of you test this out whilst disabling other plugins temporarily? @zininweb eluded to a plugin conflict, which is entirely (and likely) possible if it interfere’s with WP’s registration system in some way or another.

    For example, some plugins may only allow registration through it’s own registration forms to put up a paywall or fill out a longer form.

    Hello Marcus,

    even when I deactivate every plugin (except Event Manager ;)) its not working. 🙁

    I thought there was a problem with Ultimate Member, but deactivating this plugin didn’t solve te problem. In the end i put back an older version of Event Manager and now its working again like it should. I wait for an update till this is solved.

    Which version did you use now? I have to do this workaround also.

    Version 5.9.2 works fine

    5.9.2 works fine for me, too.
    5.9.3 is not working probably for me.

    Maybe you can test this and publish a bugfix?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’m not able to reproduce this, currently, so until I do there’s nothing I can fix… however with two people reporting this it seems like less of a coincidence so maybe you can help me figure it out.

    I’m looking at the comparison between 5.9.2 and 5.9.3 and I can’t see any code changes that’d affect this either….

    What’s your specific setup? Do you have any non-default settings r.e. user registration? Do you force user registration before booking, or do you have no-user mode active?

    @donchulio the screenshot doesn’t help me as I don’t speak German 🙂 so I’m not sure what the error is (Assuming there is one there). Looking at events on your site, it seems that there’s no booking form… is it still broken or is there another issue I’m not seeing? It seems like you use google docs to take bookings (I don’t have permission to see the doc).

    @zininweb A URL might be helpful although I’m not sure it’d help me reproduce anything. Have you tried switching themes temporarily?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I just had a thought… do you see consent checkboxes on your booking form?

    If not, have you tried enabling/disabling the consent checkbox in Settings > Privacy?

    You need to try upgrading 5.9.3 for this. As I can’t reproduce it myself, there’s no other way but to test it on your side.

    I upgraded once again to 5.9.3 but I dont know which option I should enable/disable.
    Can you provide me a screenshot?

    And there is a booking form in our events. On the top of the event the user can register himself for this event.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    It’s not easy to take a screenshot that’ll make sense I think, hopefully this helps:

    Go to Events > Settings > Privacy > Consent

    You’ll see three options Event Submission Forms, Location Submission Forms, Bookings Forms. For all of them select ‘Do Not Include’.

    The wording might be slightly different depending on your language.

    Yes, that helps! Thank you.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    It seems that the recent update breaks installations running WP 5.9.5 and older, we’ll be releasing an update ASAP but the current workarounds are disabling the consent checkbox as described above, or just updating to 5.9.6 or later.

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl



    EM 5.9.4 is out which should fixed gdpr related issue; can you try and confirm?


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