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    Hello there,

    Thanks for making this plug-in, it seems like there’s a lot of potential for it. I’ve been working on implementing it for around 6 hours or so and have hit the wall on a few things, I’m wondering if you can add some commentary here.

    1) I read somewhere you said that allowing the creation of a custom registration form (static) was bad because there were a lot of variable things… it sure would be great if you gave us the ability to not only customize the registration form (to be a page vs. a widget) but also give us the ability to customize the preferences area (sub/unsub). Having users tossed into the default WP control panel is a bit sloppy for a custom site. Did I miss anything, is there a way to do any of this? (this takes care of reg and management from the subject)

    2) It’d be really great if you allowed us to dictate what options the users have in terms of receiving emails. The 4 options now are nice but we don’t want to email 100% of the content out to users, we’d prefer to only have the excerpt options available.

    3) We’d also like for the users not to be able to choose between authors, it’d be great if they didn’t even see that and we had the ability to default to all authors.

    Note, items 2 and 3 would go away if we were granted the abilities in #1. All I’d like my users to do is choose which categories they want to sub/unsub to, end of story. Unregistered users will not get access to the emails so this only applies to registered users.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  • @sotdaily,

    1/ The form can be place on a page with the shortcode. There is an extension to Subscribe2 that places the admin side option form on the front end of your site:

    2/ Hiding some of the different email types would require code level changes to the core plugin code.

    3/ That section can be hidden with some CSS. Something like this should help:

    function hide_s2_sections() {
    	echo '<style type="text/css">#s2_authors {display:none;}</style>';
    add_action('admin_head', 'hide_s2_sections');

    I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to answer my comments/questions. I promise, I searched and searched before posting…

    1) Thank you, I will give that a try.

    2) Understood, perhaps that can be a setting in a future version?

    3) For the code, that looks like PHP? Where should I put that snippet? Sorry for the elementary question, I’m still ramping up on CSS/PHP/etc.

    Thanks again, your help is outstanding.


    2) I’ll give that some consideration.

    3) Basically you are writing a plugin to alter the behaviour of Subscribe2 in the same way that Subscribe2 adds to / alters the default operation of WordPress. So the best place to add such code is to your own, site-specific plugin. For more on writing a plugin (it’s easier than you might think) see here:

    Many thanks again. After some tweaking it looks like the FE plug-in is working well. I will work on that code you provided.

    THANK YOU! 🙂

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