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  • i would like to add an additional section to the registration form ie something along the lines of a simple text form where they must add the additional required information.

    any ideas how to go about this?

    thank you fae

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  • bump:)

    any with any ideas please?

    bump please?

    Hmm, this would require modifying the database aswell as the form, and is beyond my current abilities (php, mehh) but I know it should be too hard for a wiz. I’m suprised no-one has helped you out yet! :-/

    i’m surprsied too boywonder… thanks for your ideas maybe i will figure it out *shrug*

    I’m just learning more about the structure of wordpress and I know you’d need to modify the following:

    – comments.php (the form that users enter the data into)
    – wp-comments-post.php (the code that processes what the users enter and put it into the database)
    – the database itself to contain the extra information.

    What I know you’d need to but am not sure how you’d do it (haven’t looked into it yet):
    – all the pages that display user information.

    If I get any further I’ll let you know 🙂

    thank you for your efforts:)

    Fire up phpmyadmin and add the field. Locate the php to call the data. Identify the html necesaary to add the input field. Navigate to the relevant files. HTH.

    I modded my registration page at

    It was actually really easy. Yes, Root was right, open phpmyadmin if you have it, I added a field user_zip, then edited wp-register.php to update the insert statement and form.

    For more info, contact me via email, levi et arlie det com. (Swap et for @, det for .)


    Does anyone know what bits of wp-register.php or registration-functions.php need to be edited to add a new field in? I thought it was straightforward but alas it doesn’t seem to be…


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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