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    After all my conspiracy theories are not that wrong (not when I have all the right info, and I’m not lied nor mis-informed dis-informed)

    As I thought, there is a problem with PHP files (hacked by spammers?) in which emails are not sent when a user registers, but I couldn’t get Godaddy to admit it. They are the ones who provide PHP, and you can’t change it, although it seems you have your own files, as the others sharing the machine yours are in. So they created a control control panel thing for you to fix it.

    I kew it! It wasn’t our fault!
    After my many attempts to fix it, even non-published experiments, lots of blogs and forums read… I found the solution, and ADMITTED by the hosting, IN WRITTING! (I could have solved months ago if they admitted it, before they setup customer access to it, before their legal dept. gave the ok to admit it, long after others ALREADY knew the issue was corrupt PHP files…)

    I’m confident enough to say I found the solution for 90% of unsolved or unexplainably solved cases 🙂
    This one FIXES the problem. Not a “install this plugin” article.

    So here it is.
    It came from Godaddy’s mouth but could apply to many hostings.

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  • Please use the RESOLVED flag (see the drop down on the right? use that) instead of your own [SOLVED] in the subject 🙂

    It came from Godaddy’s mouth but could apply to many hostings.

    BTW, no… no it really couldn’t. GoDaddy hosting is just bizarre in many strange ways.

    I switched off GoDaddy hosting a few months back, and off GoDaddy entirely (registration and DNS) just recently. Trust me, forget GoDaddy. Move on up to a VPS somewhere and save yourself the epic amounts of pain.


    The [Solved] was on purpose. I didn’t want the topic to get closed by marking it as resolved, so I can get the feedback to help further (I wish it fixes everyone’s hosting, but I’d be glad to research how to do it on other hostings.

    I’ve been using Godaddy for 3 years now, and except super slow times the second month or so, later understood they always (seem to) do that with new accounts, (like throttling) or long waiting times so you upgrade 😉 … but once I call them and make clear I won’t update, everything goes back to normal.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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