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  • Hi,

    I’ve recently installed wordpress 3.5.2 and have used a couple of security plugins to secure the site (Wordfence and Better WP Security). I’ve been searching through posts both in this forum and elsewhere and this problem seems quite common so I’m hoping someone can help to what appears to be quite a common frustration to a lot of users.

    I’m not on a hosted solution (hosting myself) so I’m using SMTP to send emails (installed 6 different SMTP plugins to try to get this to work and have stopped this process until I know where this issue is – I suspect the plugins which change the default behaviour from using the built-in PHP send mail functionality to using SMTP is working in most areas but not all?). I’m finding that if an admin creates a new user and elects to send an email to the new user – the email is received by the new user (no problem).
    If this new user elects to click on the link for fogotten password then he gets a password reset link (no problem).
    The issue is that when a new user is registering for the first time and is expecting to get the activation/registration email – this email never arrives.

    The fact that the other emails are working (admin gets notified of new users, the user gets notified if the admin creates him and the user gets password reset links) suggests to me that SMTP functionality is working in most files/modules but not all. I’m currently using WP-Mail-SMTP plugin for outbound email from the site – test emails are sent OK.

    I’ve noticed that on the registration page (I’m using SSL with a self-signed cert) when I click on the “Register” button I would expect the page to take a second or two to process the request and then refresh with something like “please check your email for your username and password” or something similar…. what happens is in an instant the page refreshes and there’s no indication of whether the registration is successful or not, no confirmation of what has happened, it just reloads the page with empty fields ready for input again.

    this is the site URL if anyone is interested in seeing what happens:

    (that extra key/characters is/are there thanks to the “Better WP Security” plugin)

    Does anyone know how to track down which file is responsible for the registration email? Is it wp-login.php?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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  • Hi guys,

    Just to update this thread: I’ve read various articles on hosting providers blocking outbound email. I’m using Gmail as my smtp server and it works for all other email notifications except the new user registration email so I don’t think this is a spam issue or my provider blocking email as I’m using an offsite SMTP server so my provider isn’t being used to send emails. All other email notifications seem to work, it’s just the new user registration one that fails.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to get this to work? Any debugging tips?

    Wp security is the problem. I just went through this. Disable “hide backend” on wp security and it will work properly.

    I’ve just disabled the “hide backend” option as well and when I try to register I get a page showing a red rectangle under the “Word Press” logo. How do I upload a picture/screenshot on this forum?

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