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  • hi, when new users sign up for new account on my site, it was told that emails are sent with the password. however, emails are not sent, and i do not receive any notifications as well(i had set to receive notifications)
    please advise.

    thank you.

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  • Hi thank you for the reply.

    Encountered error 404 for the link…

    Here’s a working link.
    This one FIXES the problem. Not a “install this plugin” article.
    This one is for Godaddy, but I’ve read that the issue is because of corrupt PHP files (probably a hack by spammers?) and it could apply to many hostings.
    You can mark it as [SOLVED] 🙂

    Does not work for me, I have my own server and use Icelandic hosting and gmail service.
    Gmail is working fine, it’s just all post from my site go out from
    I’m not fresh aobut it and the plugin I use is not working either.
    Mail From is that plugin.

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    Glowe – ask your webhost if they allow email to be sent from PHP.

    My postfix server is configured for both so it does not matter and I am my webhost.

    I have 2 other sites and there is no problem there.

    I’ve seen this problem fixed many times by a simple plugin called Mail From
    It worked for me too, It’s the only way mail will send from a few of my sites.

    I set it up but it did not help. Something else going on and I can’t find out what the hell it is.

    just to be thorough, when you configure Mail From, be sure to enter your user name and email domain seperately in the fields as shown in the screen shot here:


    I only mention this because for quite a while I had been doing it wrong and thought it didn’t work. Otherwise good luck to you, I know this is a frustrating issue..

    That’s how it is and not working.
    And I can’t understand cause I have two other website on my server, using other CMS but using gmail as an mailserver and they work fine. Just that wordpress system having problems.

    If I remember right, my when my web host told me to get Mail From, I’m pretty sure they mentioned I had to have an email account set up under my wp site’s domain for Mail From to work. May not apply to you but just wanted to mention that.

    Of cause you have to do that, but then I remeber one thing. I have older version of WP set up and just use gmail and there its working fine. Its just the new version it is not working. I try to set my domain address to the other and register throug that and no problem there, but in the new version nothing comes through.

    The source that gave me the tip about being corrupt PHP files was not on Godaddy, so I TRUSTED when they said it was corrupt PHP files. If a hosting provider tells you so, it could be anything but the truth.

    It you host your own files even better! look for an update (or patched) and re-install PHP. It was the same words Godaddy used once admitted. (of course before everything was fine)

    How old is that version of WP? I tested 3 versions under my SAME hosting, all of them use the same php, and all of them stopped working at the same time. That’s a good way to prove the problem was the php.

    I am using WordPress 2.8.4 on the old and working site but the latest on my new site.
    And what corrupt PHP file are you talking about?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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