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  1. DerekMX271
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi everyone,
    I have setup our blog on my local machine with PHP5.3/FastCGI and MySQL (Windows 7/IIS 7.5)... (FYI - I'm new to Windows Servers and IIS)

    I ran into the issue of "your provider may have disabled the mail() function" (or something like that) error message when a co-worker clicked the 'lost password' link on the 'wp-login' page

    I activated our network's mail server via 'php.ini' and voila!- Lost password email worked. -or so I thought.

    Turns out, emails such as the lost password and new-user (password) are only being successfully sent to users with our mail server's url address (johndoe@horsepowerfreaks.com)

    So my question is: Why would WordPress not be able to send emails to email addresses outside our domain? I know the first thing people will guess (as I have) that it is something to do with our mail server (Microsoft Exchange Server)...

    Could it be something to do with the config of WP?

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