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    When we filter the Users logs (let’s say Event 1000), there are some useful data like Log Date, IP, Username, and …

    But there are some critical data we are missing (which is critical for our marketing purposes as well as sales). Here are some of the data we really wished to see for each User log:
    – Registration Date (let’s say the log is related to User Logged In, or any other User log. We also want to have a column to see when that user was registered/created)
    – Last Login Date (let’s say the log is related to User Logged In, or any other User log. We also want to know when was the last time that user was logged in too.)


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  • Plugin Contributor robertabela


    Hello @dadparvar

    Thank you very much for using our plugin and for your feedback.

    Can you please share more information on how you are using the activity log and why you need such data? I’d like to learn more about your setup to see how we can better assist you.

    I’m also asking because you can find such information with a quick search, however, I’m wondering why you would need such information reported with each event associated to that user in question.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Let me explain it a little bit in detail

    If you remember, at the same time I suggested another feature:

    So, how we want to use the plugin, is to have that information, all in one report/table in different columns, shown for a certain amount of time, with a single click (that “single click” is the ability to save the filter in your plugin which is already fully implemented, and that “for a certain amount of time” is the feature you accepted to implement in that other post)

    Now, why do we need all this information in one table, instead of going around and searching different stuff and finding the info elsewhere? Here is why:

    1. We have different tiers of staff. Not all have access to everything. and we don’t want to provide full access to any tool in our website, to a person/user/staff. (either that be the Shop, Blogs, Elementor, Activity Log, Wordfence, you name it). Everyone will have their own set of limited permissions where possible and were not possible, they will have server-side restrictions set for them. (so, we don’t want to give the ability to staff to have full insight of our business and see full details of activities of hundreds of other businesses “as we are B2B”. We will provide them with a direct link to the saved filter and will let them do what we want them to do. Nothing more)

    2. (this one is critical) => My client’s website is a B2B store. The way things work is that, as soon as a new user registers, different messages and other ways of communications should be planned accordingly (Registration in the website is not a simple filling of the form. It’s a full process and the registered user is actually an established legit business). Losing/Missing one order in B2B doesn’t mean missing just a few $ and a chance to get it the next day. Not selling to a user in B2B means there is a high chance they fill their inventory with another B2B (our competitors). and if that happens, not only that means “missing a big pile of money”, but also businesses stick to the source of their products for a while (meaning chances are so low they come back to us anytime soon)

    Now that you know those 2 reasons, we come to this conclusion: In step 1, we want the staff to have all the information they need, on that single page, without a further search being required. (Registration Date, Last Login Date, Username, and any other information). They will have all the data, and the data is sorted by the newest first. (once a new log comes up, the staff will immediately and accordingly contact the client and will help them finish their order and not leave the website just because they have any difficulties.)

    Now that you know this info, let’s take a look at a real-life example. Imagine 5 staff are checking the link where the saved filter is showing recent user-related logs live:

    1. A User Registered log pops up: staff should watch that user’s upcoming logs closely to see what is going on with that user in the coming hours.

    2. A User Logged In log pops up: the other staff should immediately see in the same row/log, when that user registered and when was their last logging date. If those dates made sense with their recent order (if any), then things look normal, but if not (which happens regularly in B2B), there is definitely something wrong and it should be taken care of. So the staff should immediately provide that info to the right person to either get more info about that user from someone who has the access to the info or immediately contacts the user and help them with their queries.

    3. A Logged Out log pops: staff should see when the user registered and when was the last login date. If those are very close, we have some serious problems and we should resolve them asap. A B2B user isn’t like a B2C user to open a store and spend lots of time searching products to find what they may need. A B2B user knows weeks before visiting our store, what they need, how much they need, and when in future they will need again. So, if they recently registered, and now logged in, didn’t order anything, and logged out, there is a high chance we are losing this customer (or at the very least, this order). In this case, we need to quickly contact them, guide them to make sure to return to the website, and once we got the log of their come back, then a staff immediately initiate a chat on the website and be with them till they order hopefully.

    I can keep going and write many other real-life examples and explain where, why, and how having a few more columns of data can drastically improve the sales, ease the analyzes and also help us manage the staff and customers better. But I feel it’s enough for this post for now.

    I hope you find the info you were looking for in my answer. I also hope you find the feature request a valid/logical request and decide to implement it in a near future.


    Plugin Contributor robertabela


    Thank you very much for taking the time to explain all this @dadparvar

    It is indeed a very valuable insight for us and we’ll definitely see what we can do to better assist you. Should you have more information / feedback that you want to share, feel free to email me directly at robert at wpwhitesecurity dot com.

    Have a good day.

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