• Kidhelper


    Some people are registering to my blog. I see I can edit, delete or add new ones. But what I do not understand is what their registering means. Does a person who registers or subscribes to my blog get a notice that I have posted something? Let’s say I add or register someone to my blog, what happens when I do that? If I delete someone, what am I rescinding?

    What does this registration include, why do it? If a notice is given, how is this different than signing up for the RSS feed? Or are these two different?

    Thanks for any clarifying responses, Barney

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  • moshu


    Short version: completely useless feature.

    Longer version: no, they do not get any notificiation just by signing up/registering. Some bloggers like to force commenters to register (i.e. you can comment only if registered); in most of the cases it backfires because people will NOT register just to comment.
    I’d say, just set it that nobody can register and forget it. (That’s what I do on all my blogs)

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