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  • The only way I could answer this is if I searched the plugins repository, but I don’t see why I should do that instead of you…

    You’re right, you shouldn’t search the plugins directory for me. You also shouldn’t assume that I didn’t search it myself. And finally, you should really leave responding to those with something useful to contribute.

    I’ll ignore the two snipes at the end there. Typically, folks who don’t want to get the sort of response I gave point out that they’ve already searched, because assuming that people haven’t searched is almost always correct. Thank you for being an exception.

    If it’s not in there, then I doubt it exists. However, plugins aren’t as difficult to code as many folks might think. I’ve never taken a programming class in my life, but by googling PHP tutorials and then reading through the plugin api, I’ve managed to put together several plugins of my own, a few of which even get used widely by WP users.

    Failing that, you could always try to contact a pro to do it for money.


    I was thinking about creating a plugin along these lines.

    Can you decribe what you want the plugin to do? What features should a plugin that does a class or seminar registration have, in your opinion?



    Mikanboy, I am looking for something like this as well, with the following features:

    1. An event-list or integration into an existing calender plugin
    2. sign-up requesting
      • Name
      • Company
      • Email
    3. Sending confirmation by email with details to the attendant
    4. Admin area in which one could view the number of attendants per seminar/event with maybe an email all attendants functionality





    Me too Mikanboy, I second what Insistor says about features. Would love to hear if you get this up and running.


    I just want to add that I host art swaps, and a plugin like this would also be useful for organizing that. I’ve been on the prowl for some sort of flexible sign up sheet for a while now.

    I used WordPress to make a nice website for my church. We’d like to use a registration plug-in to help children sign up for Sunday School, Vacation Bible school, youth activities, and so forth.

    Please let me know if you make this plug-in. It doesn’t need to be elaborate!!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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