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  • Ahoi Sumobi!

    First, your plugin does exactly what we needed and it works perfectly, thank you.
    Now all our new clients will be able to log-in and get their purchase history, leave reviews on what they actually purchased, etc. Very happy with that.

    However, we are about to add the ability to register previous clients that have purchased before Auto Register was installed. Our thinking was they would simply need to submit the email address used to purchase and the matching Receipt ID. If these both check out, BAM! we hook into your plugin and insert the new user account.

    Before we do this, two questions:
    1. Do you know if that has been done before?
    2. Should we built this into your plugin (Forking it on Github) or rather leave it separate?

    Again, thanks for the great plugin.

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  • Take a look at this plugin to see if it has anything you can pull from. It has some of what you mention. It asks them to submit their email address. If their address matches with a purchase, it automatically registers them and sends them their login details.

    It’s rather complicated since it involves Contact Form 7 (it’s what I needed at the time) and a somewhat lengthy set-up, but maybe you can take what you need from it.

    (However, after the lengthy set-up, it works pretty much on its own.)

    Hope that helps.

    Plugin Author Andrew Munro


    Hi Baden,

    Thanks for the kind words. If you’d like to go ahead and fork the plugin and submit a PR when you’re done, I can merge it into the plugin. That would be great. Otherwise I’ve got this functionality planned, but unsure on when I can get time to add it.

    Just wanted to point out we already have a free EDD extension that does this:

    Takes all of your previous guest purchases and assigns them to their existing WordPress accounts based on the email they used at checkout. If they do not have an account, an account will be made (and the details sent to them) automatically.

    Plugin Author Andrew Munro


    Ahh nice Chris, forgot about that one +1

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