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    I have disabled wp registering and want to use only phpbb register, but registering in phpbb won’t create a wordpress user. So now there is no way to create a user in Worpress.

    Should this plugin create the user in wordpress automatically when registering in phpbb? If yes? Could you help me find the problem?

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  • Plugin Author axew3


    Hello, so this is a WordPress plugin, his code only run into wordpress side.
    Then, when an user register into wordpress, he is also added into phpBB also, at same time.
    Same goes for profile updates (as explained on help install): the update happen into phpBB when done in wordpress iser’s profile, at mean time, while if done into phpBB, it happen when user visits the wordpress side.

    You can use the plugin as you like, and let users login/register or update profiles on both cms, but what you ever need to think to is: if action done in wp side, at same time also updated in phpBB, if done in phpBB, when user visits wp side.

    The same goes for registration. So it is important point explained, that you could see an user in phpBB, but that still not exists also into wordpress.
    That’s ok! If you aren’t in iframe mode, that some way patch this problem, because on page refresh both wp and phpBB loads, you need to think that phpBB run as completely standalone. When user register in phpBB but as logged in not visits wp side, or login in wp side, the user isn’t added also into wordpress.
    That’s clear to you now why: the code run only into wp side.

    How it can be fixed?
    A simple redirect to wp side, as explained here can resolve the problem:

    I will take a look to made of this code a simple mod or to improve further more-

    Maybe to update profile fields into wordpress also when profile update done in phpBB side. Since the plugin code run at every wp page loads, would be quite easy to fire an hidden iframe, that will reload behind the scene the wordpress, updating so all about the user profile, also in wordpress at mean time.

    To experiment that this is it, you can register in phpBB an user, then instead that execute first login in phpBB, do it in wordpress, or as logged in, visits wp side. You should see that at this time the user added into wordpress.

    Plugin Author axew3


    i’m over to look somewhere about my bad Eng on documentation … yeah i try to improve but it’s not so easy for me sometime …
    by the way on help install (common how to section) it is linked this (that’s the start and that contain all solution and also the link to the solution above):
    How to force users addition in WordPress when they register OR login only in phpBB side
    as said, i will take a look as soon to improve this aspect, if you also find some easy to add/improve please let know!

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