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  • The Membership plugin creates the account, and then restricts access to your content based on the rules that you have specified.


    Yes, I get that. But the rules are applied depending on payment.
    If someone hasn’t paid, he shouldn’t have access to the pages I selected.

    It also looks like anyone who’s joining at the moment is given the old subscription and level, which are now inactive. I don’t understand why.


    Hi there just tried testing your site but can’t get past the registration page when i fill out the form and submit it it just reloads the page

    Hey there.

    Do you have a “Stranger” level set, this is the Access level that restricts anyone who does not have a subscription. That includes anonymous users.

    If not, you will need to get that set up as well.

    Admin –> Membership –> Options

    Once that level is set it will restrict access to anyone not on the other levels.

    I hope this helps. 🙂

    Yes, I set up the stranger access.
    The problem is as soon as they sign up they are, at the moment, set up as full membership with admin access too. Really bad obviously.

    @tom, i haven’t had that problem in ages. It happens when I try to register via the bp registration URL/register, however I’m not using that in the “join” page. Just the normal WP one.

    Indeed, I just tried to sign up again. And I keep being sent back to the same page with the remark “please make sure you filled up the email area” Which I have done with correct email. But it won’t accept it or any other email. Very weird because I have done no modifications whatsoever from yesterday when it worked fine.

    Hello again @caspergrimaldi,
    I just tried registering for an account on your site using the link you provided and I still can’t register.
    Did you find out what’s causing this?

    no, and have no idea because as I said above, I didn’t touch anything, didn’t add anything since the last time someone registered and it wad fine.

    If you can fix the sign-up issue (try disabling plugins until you find which one might be preventing sign-up), we can offer more assistance.

    I think your issue is just configuration (as suggested above). You just need to setup the default level assigned to people who haven’t chosen a paid package yet.

    Found what the problem was.
    I realized that buddypress did not show the email entered during registration, in the profile. So in the “profile fields” section, I added a required email field. I just took it out and now sign up works again.

    However the problem of registering working before paying is still here. And users are still straight as admins with committee level, which have both been disabled for days.

    As also mentioned above I have already set the default level for strangers. If there is a section for people who are registered but haven’t paid, then I can’t find it.

    Once users have joined, is there a way to make the “join” page disappear?

    Sure… you can add a rule to the membership level they signed up for that protects the page/menu option so that it gets hidden.

    I just tried a sign up on your site and here’s what I got:

    > WordPress account created, no subscription created or payment sent
    > I can log in, but am NOT an admin
    > I have committee membership

    The committee membership thing is just a matter of settings. I’m guessing you have set the option to assign Committee Membership to free members, so as soon as someone signs up they are given this subscription package.

    If you change this setting to None, or perhaps create a new subscription package called FREE you can avoid this accidental assigning of members access to those who have not paid.

    Sorry I should have said : for the gateway, it is set up as admin.

    And no, I have set up “visitors” for strangers settings and “none” to “use subscription”. It has been like this for days.

    it used to be, before that, committee and free (instead of none), however, as mentioned above, I disabled that before I opened this topic.

    in regards to the hiding of the “join” page, yes, that’s the first thing that came up to my mind, excluding it. However it didn’t work.
    HOWEVER, I just realized that it was probably because everyone was signed up as committee (who are allowed access to it). Just tried the “view site as …” and it worked. So one problem solved.

    Hi @caspergrimaldi,

    I’m not sure quite what’s happening here… is there any chance I can get some screenshots of your settings so I can check things over on my test site?

    I’d need to be able to see the settings pages and the set up for the levels and subscription packages. I realise that will be a lot of screenshots… but it’s tricky for us to know what’s going on just by reading your forum posts.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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