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  • I have been trying to register as a user at the WP wiki. Been searching for previous posts regarding the same without avail.
    When I go to the page which requests the userid and the password I get to read this

    You may sign in using any WikiWord as a UserId. (ÀñíçéàÖãæôßøü etc. may be used too). The UserId will be used as a link in RecentChanges to your UserId page, your HomePage. New users may use an empty password.

    However, new user that I am, I can’t login, or register, with a blank password, as suggested, or with any other.
    I would love to have someone explain how to become a wiki registered user at the WP wiki.

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  • u need to chose a name like this:

    Doesn’t work!
    I was talking about this login page
    I basically want to be able to edit pages wiki-wide.

    why do the names have to be in that format? that is terrible. the initial capital letter is understandable, but two? with lowercase following the second?!?! why? what if i don’t want a mixed case name or only want to use one word?
    there should be a better explanation of what a “WikiWord” is.

    Wiki is wierd but there is a good reason for it!
    anything that is formatted as a WikiWord is automatically attached to a button which can be used to make a new page that is linked from that word.

    I am trying to attach hi.po containing hindi chars to wiki, but it craps up. Help any one

    To enter into Wiki mastery takes years of preparation and contemplation.:)

    Yes, Getting the user name right was one of them. Still I am just doing copy paste.

    Welcome to Word Press

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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