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    Is it possible to have separate registration forms on a multisite setup–one for users across the network, and another for those setting up their own site?

    The way the registration form for the people wanting to setup the site could automatically populate a template page on the new site. I am new to multisite, so help is sincerely appreciated

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  • Essentially, I am hoping to have paid subscribers get their own ‘site’ while normal users can just access the home site and the sites of the paid subscribers.

    I actually found this article that explains having two separate forms based on role:

    So if I went ahead and put that in the one addition I would need, is a function that says if role=x then create new site with their user name (like Does anyone know if wordpress has a function like that for multisite?

    Turn off ‘allow users to create a site when registering’ for one 🙂

    Then you could make a form to request a site, hidden via, say, the Members plugin until they’ve paid?

    Would all the sites have to be premade then?

    I think that ‘allow users to create a site when registering’ feature is what I am looking for as a capability/role function. As in, if someones is registering for role=editor then ‘allow users to create a site when registering’, if role=subscriber then ‘do not allow users to create a site when registering’. Can that be coded somehow?


    You can already pick the settings ‘Allow registered users to create sites’ so that would limit it to people who have accounts. You’d have to make your own form to create a site, though. Not impossible, the hooks and actions are there for it, just time consuming.

    Thanks! that got me on the right path

    What I figure I will do is use s2member to only allow users of the correct role to view the /wp-signup.php page to do what you just said. Problem solved, thanks Ipstenu!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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