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Registered Users Ad-Click Tracking

  • athyuttamre


    Dear all,

    I run Kontera In-Text ads in my blog located at http://www.bharatwindow.com . I want to be able to track which ads my users click on they appear intext, that is, they are hyperlinks on random words in my post). I want to be able to know which REGISTERED USERS click on which OUTBOUND LINKS through Kontera ads, based on this, I should know if User Richard clicked on the ads for “house rentals” or User Charlie clicked on the ads for “Mobile phone” . Please keep in mind that these are intext ads, not conventional banner ads. For more information on Kontera ads visit http://www.kontera.com. To understand my problem better and have a look at what these ads are, visit http://www.bharatwindow.com

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