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    Hi guys,

    I’ve searched around for this but found nothing similar. For some weird reasons when our customer wish to register and checkout the register (submit) button is greyed out. So did some further digging and it only happens when password is typed in to the password box. I’ve attached a shot of the inspect element to show this.

    Has anyone experienced this before? Any recommendations? I’ve already gone over the plugins to make sure that none of them are causing it + enabling registration for WordPress which is enabled.

    Thanks in advance


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  • Hello @yizi,

    It seems your registration form is not displaying div block “woocommerce-password-strength” . So whenever user enteres the weak password it should give the warning. See this screen shot https://prnt.sc/i7l65i

    There will be two possible solution for this.
    1) Unhide div “woocommerce-password-strength”, so user can enter strong password.
    2) Remove password strength feature using some plugin or code. See this on google for more detail “allow weak password woocommrce”

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    I’ve tried strong password and still it’s greyed out. I will disable the password strength and see how that goes

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    @firoz that did not fix the issue, can I send you the link to the store privately so you can have a look?

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    @yizi, No, information must remain public and on the forums, so only post what you’re comfortable.

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    @anevins something I do not want to share.

    I’ve tried both points mentioned by @firoz and none has resolved the issue, I’ve practically disabled all the plugins too which has had no impact. The weird thing is we haven’t done any updates on the site (core or non-core) and this suddenly happened.

    @yizi is it possible for you to share website URL?

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    Try emulating the relevant Webpage through a sandbox tool like CSSDesk.com (works best in Chrome):

    1. View your webpage;
    2. Right click on the page somewhere and press “View source
    3. A new window will appear with all the code of your page. Copy all of that code
    4. Go to CSSDesk.com and paste it into the “HTML” section
    5. Press the “Share” button in CSSDesk
    6. A new URL will appear to the left of the “Share” button, copy that URL and paste it here in this thread

    We can then hopefully see your webpage.

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    @anevis the CSS Desk crashes everytime I do the paste, tried it on Chrome too.
    @firoz exact page, try registering a user (link removed)

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    Hello @yizi

    There is an issue with Javascript written just before closing body tag. see this https://prnt.sc/i7lqgr

    Replace the line


    Let me know if it resolved your issue.
    Note: Due to site load issue, try to test when all content are loads 100%.

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    @firoz I’ve managed to fix it with the following code:

    				jQuery('form.register input[type="submit"][name="register"]').removeAttr('disabled');
    				jQuery('form.register input[type="submit"][name="register"]').removeClass('disabled');
    			}, 3);

    Also what do you mean by load issues?

    I have notice that your site have some performance issue.

    You can check your site performance and site speed here >> https://gtmetrix.com/ and https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

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    @firoz thanks for the info. Are you available for paid consultancy? maybe an hour of your time, skype convo?

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    thanks for the info. Are you available for paid consultancy? maybe an hour of your time, skype convo?

    And that now closes this topic. See this link for details.


    These are volunteer support forums only and when the topic veers into paid support the topic is closed.

    If you need paid support please consider these sites instead.


    I am now closing this topic.

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