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  • I’m using Register Plus Redux version 3.7.3, along with AutoChimp 1.1.0.

    Long story short, I’m having users create their own password. Everything works perfectly EXCEPT Register Plus Redux sends the user the WRONG password – looks like a machine generated password.

    Anybody else see this? Have a solution?

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  • Actually, I do have a solution in the works for this. I had the same problem with the message sent out by WordPress MU. I created a work around within the random_password function. If you want you could insert the following code.

    Line 50 insert:
    add_filter("random_password", array($this, "filter_random_password"), 10, 1);

    Line 55 insert:

    function filter_random_password( $password ) {
    	if ( !empty($_POST["password"]) ) $password = $_POST["password"];
    	return $password;

    Let me know how that works out.

    Awesome sauce! Haven’t tested the whole system from top to bottom, but that works!

    (And if there’s any confusion, he meant to add those lines to “register-plus-redux.php” in your plug-ins folder…)

    Radiok, one more question? What would make this plug-in PERFECT (IMHO) is if:

    1. when the user clicked the login link from the email, their username and password would pre-populate the login field and

    2. More importantly, instead of going to the profile page after login, we went directly to the page the user was originally trying to get to.

    That is, I’m blocking certain pages on my site from non-registered users. They see the first few paragraphs and then a message to either register or sign in. Sign in takes them right to the page. Register sends them to a Welcome page that tells them to look in their email for a welcome message.

    Would be great to have them go straight to the page they were originally trying to read, rather than the profile, which I think might be confusing to my readers…


    Hi, maybe “Peter’s Login Redirect” plugin can help you with the redirect-issue? You can find it here:

    I’m also interested in pre-populating the password fields. “pass1” and “pass2” do not work, is there any other solution for this? And if anyone has a tip on mass-registering users through Register Plus Redux besides mass copy/pasting Auto-Complete Queries you would really make my day!

    Thanks in advance.

    I’m afraid I have the same problem but that fix didn’t work. Any other solutions?

    abdessamad idrissi


    same thing here 🙂 maybe a conflict with othe plugins!?

    Jason Kemp


    I found a conflict with using “Peter’s Login Redirect” with the original version of this plugin which was called Register Plus.

    In Register Plus once users are cleared to login the plugin settings allow for a redirect to designated “members style” section but that part simpley doesn’t work. We tried adding Peters Login Redirect and that caused a conflict and stopped notification emails working which is really a bigger problem.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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