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    Hello. I was using Register Plus Redux but now I cannot find it on the plugins directory. Do you guys know what happened to it?


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  • gesman


    There was security problem discovered in it and WordPress disabled repository until it fixed.

    I hope they’ll fix it and re-enable it soon. It’s a great plugin.



    Do you know what the security problem is? i have it installed in 4 of my sites and it is still working. Should I be worried? Any info would be appreciated!



    I think you should disable it because its a security problem and WordPress disabled it because its dangerous



    Thanks for the feedback!!! Do you know of a replacement?



    yes please wait I will find it for you



    this plugin is verry good, you can try it
    and you can do much thing with it,

    YES it looks like a great one Thank you!!!!

    It took me 1/2 hr of web surfing to get to this page and learn that Register Plus Redux plugin has been taken offline. I wish put some notice on the plugin page, rather than just making it unavailable. People have no idea what happened to the plugin!

    Ok looks like someone ( Zach Shallbetter) is working on register redux. I still have the plugin if you want it.
    read this blog

    excerpt below

    I have changed my mind and did some changes to the plugin itself.

    Also renamed it so a new version will not erase the changes.

    Please find the new version here

    Seems the plugin is still being developed, so I contacted the author to notify about the changes.

    There is a new option to be enabled: Registration Redirect With Auto Login

    Please see attached image.

    Hopefully this is exactly what you wanted.


    I used the Register Plus Redux, some time back. I know it was found to have some security issues and was pulled, from the repository, by WordPress. I quit using it at that time.

    However, I’ve read several posts about how the Register Plus Redux plugin is no longer being developed. Well, now I’m without the plugin and can’t further work on it myself.

    1. Does anyone know the what the last version of Register Plus Redux was and what version of WordPress it “Officially” supported?
    2. Does anyone have the original zip file for this version, so I can download it?
    3. Does anyone know the what the security issue was which lead to WordPress pulling it?

    I still have the original zip file and continued to use it flawlessly on another site. I do not know what the security issues were. Contact Zach Shallbetter at Shallbetter designs he has the answer for you. He has a fix for the plugin.

    Thank you so much Sharingamak. I was getting crazy since I couldn’t find a Register Plus alternative. But now…

    seems to be great – just difficult to find.

    Cimy User Extra Fields

    Thank you so much! I was having issues with registration email confirmations/passwords not being sent to new users. Then a goose chase for a solution. Cimy User Extra Fields works wonderfully so far. For examples, it’s now up and running at and

    I currently have Register Plus Redux running and would like to replace it with cimy-use-extra-fields and have a few question.

    Do I need to stop registration while I work on cimy? How would I do that.

    The users and extra field I have now would I loose them?
    Do I need to do anything to keep from loose them?

    Any other thing I need to do or worry about?

    Jim Smith

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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