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Register Plus not working correctly

  • I used to love this plugin, but it’s not been updated to work with “WordPress 2.5+” as it states in the description. I cannot get usernames to stay saved in the database once a user is approved, I can’t add custom fields, and I can’t get to the form through the appropriate “Register” link on WordPress’s login page.

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  • I forked Register Plus into Register Plus Redux to fix just these types of problems. Give it a try if you’d like.

    It’s not working for me. I am able to save and add custom fields, but the registration is not showing up at all, only the default register page. Please advise. http://www.clarinerd.com/

    Are you using WordPress MU?

    WordPress 3.0.1 with multiple domains enabled, yes.

    I can see your problem, neither mine, nor Register Plus or Pie Register support multiple domains. Our code base modified the wp-login.php file, WordPress MU uses the wp-signup.php file. I am in the process of writing MU compatible code. I will update this thread when I’ve completed that, shouldn’t be too long, but I do have another feature or two that are higher on my priority list.

    ok I just realized this as well. I updated my blog to be multi blog, and boom it stopped working. I thought it just got re-set or whatever.. Not at all.

    Now i’m getting 5 new users a day, and 4 typically are fake lol. Agh well, I guess I’ll be switching to buddypress or something.

    Any news on getting this to work with multi-domain?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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