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  1. lorenzo
    Posted 7 years ago #


    i'm having problems with the register plus custom email. basically i set it up in such a way that the new registrant receives a customised email instead of the default, however the link produced with the %siteurl% is not good as it basically replicates the root of the site with no effect.

    furthermore the email doesn't contain the proper temp unverified user (ie unverified__6913e761), but the real one which was entered in the form, which doesn't exist until it is verified. when i use the admin to check for unverified users, the username is blank... any idea of what is going on here? ehat am i doing wrong?

    any suggestion will be much appreciated!

  2. lorenzo
    Posted 7 years ago #

    as i haven't received any input yet, i wanted to add more details:

    in register plus there is an option 'email verification' to prevent fake email registrations. what it is actually happening is that upon registration i'm receiving the custom reg. email, but not the 'authentication' email and -if the link is supposed to be in the custom email- i have no clue what is the appropriate replacement key as the %siteurl% key just provides the root folder.

    Skullbit, could you please provide a bit more deails on how this is supposed to work? thanks!

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