• Hello
    I have not been having fun with this plugin, It has proved to be a nightmare to get a registration form working on my website, I have 7 years of experience with WP I have never had such a problem with logins before.
    I have tried every trick I can think of but I am unable to get a working registration form on my website, It has turned into a frustrating nightmare, I have been through all the documentation, and by all rights, It should be working, but it is not.
    I really need this to work as my website is useless without letting people register as a customer or vendor.
    I am astounded that it is so hard to create a simple registration form.

    Any help would be amazing
    Thank you

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I believe it would greatly help when you write what the problem is.

    I had a look and the page looks fine.

    Plugin Contributor Alessandro Tesoro


    Hi @zimbert

    Can you clarify what exactly is the issue?

    Hello @yellofish

    With that page nothing shows up for me on any browser, It says that I need to add email and passwords, I have done this in the settings, and I have made sure that all the parts i want for the registration are set but nothing is showing.

    On the /register page it tells me that nothing is set and NO registration form shows up at all only an error

    on the my-account page there is nothing but an email entry with no way to add anything else, at the moment someone adds their email, clicks the button and they are given an account automatically without a username or password. I have done a lot of testing.
    This has proved to be hell, In 7 years i have never had a problem creating a secure registration but no matter what I try there is no change to the registration there is an email entry and nothing more.
    I should have a registration for a Customer and Vendor but I have an email entry and nothing more.
    There is no way I can have a store with no registration, and it is not secure in any way shape or form as it is at the moment.

    Plugin Contributor Alessandro Tesoro



    This is what I see when I access the page: https://prnt.sc/mf7ar0 I don’t see any error message.

    I believe you’re confusing the WooCommerce my account page with the WPUM account page. A page called “my-account” is created by WooCommerce and not WPUM. WPUM can’t control the content of that page.

    WPUM provides it’s own “account” page, please read the documentation here https://docs.wpusermanager.com/article/59-account-page-setup

    Thank you very much @alessandrotesoro
    I do not get what you show in the screenshot on either Chrome or Safari and I have deleted all my cookies and cache.
    I have given up trying to build this site with WordPress there are just too many plugin conflicts and design limitations that I cannot build the website I want to build no matter what I try.
    I have decided to design it in Macaw and hand it to my developer to do the PHP and MySQL
    It turns out it is easier to build this website custom than trying to do it with WordPress.
    Trying to do anything complicated in WordPress soon becomes a nightmare.
    This experience has totally put me off WordPress.
    Thank you for trying to help I do appreciate it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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